First East Asian Conference for Slavic Eurasian Studies
on February 5, 2009
Location: Room 1
10:45 – 12:45 I-1
The Korean Peninsula in the Nineteenth Century: The “Traditional” International Order and the Russian Empire as a “Western Impact”
Sakon, Yukimura, Hokkaido U
Sakon, Yukimura, Hokkaido U
Fumoto, Shin-ichi, Niigata U

Japan's East Asia Policies During the Early Meiji Era: Changes in Relations with Korea

Pak, Bella, Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS

The "Opening" of Korean Ports and Russia's Position in the Late Nineteenth Century

Seok, Huajeong, Keukdong U

International Rivalry in Korea and the Reflection of Power Politics in Cartoons
Okamoto, Takashi, Kyoto Prefecture U