First East Asian Conference for Slavic Eurasian Studies
on February 6, 2009
Location: Room 1
8:30 – 10:30 [IV-1]
Russian Development and Global Economy
Ono, Shigeki, Hokkaido U
Konno, Yugo, Mizuho Research Institute
Takeda, Yuka, Waseda U

Economic Growth and its Effect on Poverty Reduction in Russia: Is Russia's Economic Growth Pro-Poor?

Ono, Shigeki, Hokkaido U

Oil Price Shocks and Stock Markets in Russia and Other Large Emerging Economies

Lee, Sang Joon, Kookmin U

Strong State and Big Business in Russia: Is It Enough for the Development?

Kim, Taehwan, Korea Foundation

Back to the Past?: Rise of State Capitalism in Russia
Tabata, Shinichiro, Hokkaido U