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English News  No.11 , December 2003
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SRC Summer Symposium 2003

A scene from one of the sessions

            On July 16-19, 2003, the SRC Summer International Symposium was held under the title  "Slavic Eurasia's  Integration into the World Economy and Community." Eleven foreign scholars were invited from Russia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Kazakhstan and China to give presentations with five Japanese scholars.  This symposium was prepared as the first conference of the 21st century COE program "Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies: Meso-areas and Globalization," although the adoption of this program was officially announced just after the opening of the symposium.
            One of the main topics discussed at the symposium was the important role of the oil and gas sectors in understanding the peculiarities of Russia's integration into the world economy.  Statistical and econometrical analyses on this account were presented by top specialists.  As "meso-area" is one of the key concepts of the new COE program, there are three panels devoted to the integration processes in three meso-areas, including Eastern Europe, Central Asia and the Russian Far East.  In these panels relations between these meso-areas and neighboring areas outside Slavic Eurasia were extensively discussed.
            The proceedings of the symposium will be soon published as one of the COE's new series, Slavic Eurasian Studies.

TABATA Shinichiro

July 16, 2003

Opening Lectures
    David LANE (Cambridge U, UK) "Global Capitalism and Transformation of State Socialism" ;
    Wolfram SCHRETTL (German Institute of Economic Research, Germany) "Russia's Integration into the World Economy"

July 17

Session 1: Sustainable Growth of Russia and the Factor of Oil and Gas
    Vladimir TIKHOMIROV (Nikoil, Russia) "The Future of Russia's Economic Growth: De-Coupling from Oil" ;
    KUBONIWA Masaaki (Hitotsubashi U, Japan) "Russia's Oil and Gas Flow Reconsidered" ;
    Vladimir POPOV (New Economic School, Russia) "Accumulation of Foreign Exchange Reserves and Long Term Growth"

Session 2: Enlargement of European Union toward the East
    Nigel SWAIN (U of Liverpool, UK/SRC) "Saddling a Cow: The Acceding Countries and the Common Agricultural Policy" ;
    SENGOKU Manabu (Seinan Gakuin U, Japan) "Emerging Eastern European Welfare States: Race-to-the-bottom?"

Session 3: Globalization of the Russian Far East: Chinese Immigrants in the Region
        Mikhail ALEXSEEV (San Diego U, USA) "Chinese Migration into Primorskii Krai: Economic Effects and Interethnic Hostility" ;
        OHTSU Sadayoshi (Osaka Sangyo U, Japan) "Changing Characteristics of International Labour Migration in the North East Asia: With a Focus on Russo-Chinese Border"

July 18

Session 4: Security in Russia and Central Asia: Looking from Asia (Roundtable)
    Erlan KARIN (Central Asian Agency of Political Research, Kazakhstan) "Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Its Implications for Central Asia" (in Russian);
    ZHAO Huasheng (Institute of International Affairs, Shanghai, China) "The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Its New Development" ;
    IWASHITA Akihiro (SRC) "The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Its Implications for Eurasian Security: A New Dimension of  'Partnership' after the Post-Cold War Period"

Session 5: Globalization and Regional Politics in Russia
    Kelly McMANN (Case Western Reserve U, USA) "International Influences on Russian Regional Democratization" ;
    Victor KUZNETSOV (Samara Regional Administration, Russia) "Informational and Cultural Changes in Present-Day Russia and their Influence on the Political System"

Session 6: Interaction of the Russian Economy and the World Economy
    Evgeny GAVRILENKOV (Troika Dialog, Russia) "Diversification of the Russian Economy and Growth" ;
    UEGAKI Akira (Seinan Gakuin U, Japan) "Russia and the IMF"

July 19

Excursion and Post-Symposium Seminars

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