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English News  No.12 , December 2004
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Publications (2003-04)

HAYASHI Tadayuki, ed., Democracy and Market Economics in Central and Eastern Europe: Are New Institutions Being Consolidated?, Proceedings of the September 2003 International Symposium at the SRC (Sapporo: SRC, 2004), 409 pp. (in English).

MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo, ed., The Frontier in Studies of Postmodern Literature (5), SRC Occasional Papers, No.94 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Japanese).

HAYASHI Tadayuki and OBIYA Chika, eds., Modernity and Nations in Eastern Europe and Central Eurasia (3), SRC Occasional Papers, No.95 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Japanese and English).

MATSUZATO Kimitaka, ed., The New Wave in Studying Ethno-Politic History of the Bolgo-Ural Region [Новая волна в изучении этнополитической истории Волго-Уральского региона], SRC Occasional Papers, Special Issue (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Russian).

Slavic Studies, No. 51, 2004. Refereed Journal of the SRC. In Japanese with Summaries in English and Russian.

Acta Slavica Iaponica, Volume XXI, 2004. Refereed Journal of the SRC. In English and Russian.

Publications by the 21st COE "Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies"

MATSUZATO Kimitaka, ed., The Phenomenon of V. Putin and Russian Regions: Is the Victory Sudden or Reasonable? [Феномен Владимира Путина и российские регионы: победа неожиданная или закономерная? ]; Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 1 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Russian).

TABATA Shinichiro and IWASHITA Akihiro, eds., Slavic Eurasia's Integration into the World Economy and Community, Proceedings of the July 2003 International Symposium at the SRC, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 2 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in English).

IWASHITA Akihiro, A 4,000 Kilometer Journey Along the Sino-Russian Border, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 3 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in English)*.

Zoltán Kántor et al., eds., The Hungarian Status Law: Nation Building and/or Minority Protection, Slavic Eurasian Studies, No. 4 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in English).

ARAI Nobuo, ed., The Russian Far East Today: Regional Transformations under Globalization, Occasional Papers, No. 1 (Sapporo: SRC, 2003). (in English and Russian).

IWASHITA Akihiro, ed., Russian Foreign Policy Today I, Occasional Papers, No. 2 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Japanese).

*The Slavic Research Center is pleased to announce the publication of A 4,000 Kilometer Journey Along the Sino-Russian Border by Iwashita Akihiro, a Professor of the SRC. The Sino-Russian border issue is clearly focused by a "historic triumph" for final resolution of the remaining territorial problem, which President Putin and Hu Jintao declared at the latest summit on Oct. 14, 2004. This publication is useful and advantageous for acquiring the information on the Sino-Russian border issue. In this publication, Professor Iwashita paints a comprehensive picture of Sino-Russian negotiations over the 4,300 kilometer eastern border, including territorial and migration problems, particularly in the ten years following the Cold War. He examines not only Moscow-Beijing diplomatic formations on "strategic partnership" but also details Russian Far East and Trans-Baikal -Chinese Northeast (Dongbei) regional relations that had an impact on Sino-Russian relations as a whole.
Factually, considerable attention has been paid to Sino-Russian relations, but little is known about the Sino-Russian border demarcation process and the border itself. He also tells the full story of the Sino-Russian border zone: the myth of Damanskii Island, the truth of "Chinese expansion" on Bol'shoi Ussuriiskii Island, the troubles of the Sino-Russian-Korean triangular border point, and the unknown "island exchanges" on the rivers used to "successfully" resolve the territorial problems in the late 1990s. Without knowledge of the challenges and realities on the Sino-Russian border zone, talking about the future relationship between Russia and China would be impossible.
This Occasional Paper may be accessed at . Please send comments and questions to

HARA Teruyuki, ed., Asia in Russia/Russia in Asia (I), Occasional Papers, No. 3 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Japanese).

MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo, ed., The Frontier in Studies of Postmodern Literature (6), Occasional Papers, No. 4 (Sapporo: SRC, 2004). (in Japanese).

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