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English News  No.4 , December 1996
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Publications of the Priority Research Project (1995-96)
As reported in the previous edition of this Center News, the comprehensive research activities, called Priority Research Project, have been carried out since April 1995. Under the main theme, "Changes in the Slavic-Eurasian World: Conditions for Existence and Coexistence," the project is now altogether organized into 22 research projects. Each project group has held many workshops and seminars. Some of these project groups have published the following work-in-progress occasional papers:

O. Ieda (ed.), Roshia Too niokeru chiho tochi no genjo [Local politics in contemporary Russia and Eastern Europe, Occasional Papers on Changes in the Slavic-Eurasian World No. 1 (Sapporo: SRC Priority Research Project Division, 1995), 60 pp. In Japanese.

T. Mochizuki (ed.), Roshia shosetsu no genzai [Contemporary Russian novels] , Occasional Papers... No. 2 (1995), 49 pp. In Japanese.

R. Yamamura (ed.), Roshia Too niokeru jidosha kigyo [The Automobile industry in Russia and Eastern Europe], Occasional Papers... No. 3 (1995), 37 pp. In Japanese.

S. Minagawa (ed.), Politicheskaia elita Primorskogo kraia, Occasional Papers...No. 4 (1995). In Russian.

S. Tabata (ed.), Roshia no jinko rodo tokei [Population and labor statistics of Russia], Occasional Papers... No. 5 (1996), 47 pp. In Japanese.

S. Tabata (ed.), Roshia keizai tokei siryo [Research materials for Russian economic statistics], Occasional Papers... No. 6 (1996), 41 pp. In English/Japanese.

T. Mochizuki (ed.), Roshia bungaku no genzai [Contemporary Russian literature], Occasional Papers... No. 7 (1996), 88 pp. In Japanese.

G. Nemiria, Regionalism: An Underestimated Dimension of State-Building in Ukraine, Occasional Papers... No. 8 (1996), 25 pp. In English.

H. Chen, Russo-Chinese Relations in Chinese Newspapers: 1991-1995, Occasional Papers... No. 9 (1996), 148 pp. In Chinese.

N. Oka (ed.), Otchet po issledovaniiu otnosheniia naseleniia k privatizatsii, Occasional Papers... No. 10 (1996), 24 pp. In Russian.

S. Minagawa (ed.), "Regionalism" in a Transitional Period: The Case of Primorskii Krai, Occasional Papers... No. 11 (1996), 45 pp. In English.

K. Matsuzato, The Split of the CPSU and the Configuration of Ex-Communist Factions in the Russian Oblasts: Cheliabinsk, Samara, Ul'ianovsk, Tambov, and Tver (1990-95), Occasional Papers... No. 12 (1996), 51 pp. In English.

K. Inoue (ed.), Minzoku no kyozon o motomete (1) [Searching the coexistence of nationalities
Occasional Papers... No. 13 (1996), 120 pp. In Japanese.

N. Shiokawa, "Shakai shugi to zentai shugi" sairon [Discouse on Socialism and Totalitarianism], Occasional Papers... No. 14 (1996), 15 pp. In Japanese.

S. Minagawa (ed.), Daitoryosen go no roshia seikyoku no yukue [Political directions of the El'tsin government after the presidential elections], Occasional Papers... No. 15 (1996), 69 pp. In Japanese.

T. Mochizuki (ed.), Roshia bungaku no henyo [Transformations of Russian Literature], Occasional Papers... No. 16 (1996), 86 pp. In Japanese.

The executive directorate of the Priority Research Project has so far organized three conferences (of which two were international). The proceedings of two conferences were published either in Japanese or European languages:

S. Minagawa and O. Ieda (eds.), Socio-Economic Dimensions of the Changes in the Slavic-Eurasian World, Proceedings of the July 1995 International symposium at the SRC (Sapporo: Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, 1996), 421 pp. In English/Russian.
N. Shmelev, Economy and Society in Post-Soviet Russia; J. Staniszkis , Post-Communist Peripheral Capitalism (PCPC): Politics of Institutionalization; T. Hirata, The "Government-Party" Regime: An Authoritarian Regime of Interwar Hungary in Comparative Perspective; O. Latsis, Reformy v Rossii: ekonomicheskie rezul'taty i sotsial'naia tsena; N. Shiokawa , Toward a Historical Analysis of the "Socialism That Really Existed"; M. Kuboniwa, Preliminary Observations for Analysis of Disarmament and Structural Changes in Russia, Using Input-Output Data; V. Ivanov , Defense Conversion, the Russian Far East, and Japan; J. Janhunen, Ethnic Implications of the Sino-Russian Border; V. Starodubrovsky , Razvitie predprinimatel'skogo povedeniia predpriiatii v perehodnoi ekonomike Rossii; A. Ishikawa, R. Yamamura, Power Structure at the Decision-Making in Russian Firms; J. Li, The Sino-Russian Relations in the New Period; Y. Akino, Moscow's New Perspectives on Sino-Russian Relations; E. Gavrilenkov, On Some Issues of Regional Economics in Russia; A. Makhmutov, Ekonomicheskaia reforma v Rossii. Regional'nye problemy; V. Mastny, The Origins of the Warsaw Pact and Soviet Quest for Security; H. Momose, The Finnish Variation of "People's Democracy": A Hypothesis.

S. Minagawa and O. Ieda (eds.), Socio-Political Dimensions of the Changes in the Slavic-Eurasian World, Proceedings of the January 1996 Meetings at the SRC (Sapporo: Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, 1996), 468 pp. In English/Japanese.
V. Mastny, Militarization of the Warsaw Pact and the Onset of DŽtente in the 1960s; F.Umbach, Russian Foreign and Security Policies and the Role and the Influence of the Military Establishment in the Yeltsin-Era; J. Staniszkis, Culture and Transformation; J. Li, The Breakup of the Soviet Union: What Has China Learned from It; M. Korzec, Five Years after Yalta: The Inner History; V. Popov, Macroeconomic Policy in Russia during Transition: Is High Inflation Inevitable?; E. Gavrilenkov , Macroeconomic Performance and Arrears in Russia: Preliminary Observations; Contributions in Japanese: W. Fujimoto, S. Aramata, M. Oshima, J. Sugawara, S. Minagawa, S. Hakamada, S. Yokote, H. Matsui, Y. Nakamura, H. Fujimura, S. Usami, M. Suzuki, K. Toyokawa, M. Abe, K. Nagatsuna, S. Kisa, H. Shoji, R. Kaneko, T. Genka, T. Murakami, T. Ueno and N. Shimotomai.

For further information on these publications, please contact the Juten Ryoiki Secretariat, the Slavic Research Center.

Other Publications
Slavic Studies, No. 43 (1996). Journal of the SRC, Hokkaido University. 242 pp. Contributions in Japanese.

Acta Slavica Iaponica, tomus XIV (1996). Journal of the SRC, Hokkaido University. Contributions in English and Russian.

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