"Economic Development and the Environment"
on the Sakhalin Offshore Oil and Gas Fields II

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The Russian Far East and Northeast Asia:
Aspects of Energy Demand and Supply Cooperation

Victor D. Kalashnikov

An Overview of Energy Demand and Supply for Northeast Asia

The Ramifications of Energy Demand and Supply for International Cooperation in Northeast Asia

Energy Security:
Economic Development:
Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability:

Energy Development in the Russian Far East and Comparative Advantages for Cooperation with Northeast Asia

I. Geopolitical Determinants.
II. Economic Determinants.
III. Institutional Determinants.

The Sakhalin Projects as a Positive Example of the Integration of the RFE Energy Sector's Comparative Advantages and the Ramifications for Northeast Asian Energy Supply-Demand

A brief outline of the Sakhalin projects:
Energy Security Option:
Economic Development Option:
Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability Option: