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2006 Summer International Symposium
July 5(Wednesday) 14:00-18:15
Third International Workshop for Young Scholars

Panel 1 : Political Strategies and Regimes in Post-Soviet Countries: Russia and Georgia
OHGUSHI Atsushi  (Hokkaido Univ.)

"Institutionalizing a Government-Party Regime: the Case of 'United Russia'" (Revised June 26)

Jonathan Wheatley

"Democratization in Georgia since 2003: Revolution or Repackaging?"

KATO Mihoko (Hokkaido Univ.)

"Russia’s Multilateral Diplomacy in the Process of Asia Pacific Regional Integration-The Meanings of ASEAN for Russia-"

Panel 2 : Community Politics in Slavic Eurasia: Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and the Russian Far East 
HIWATARI Masato (Tokyo Univ.)

"Traditions and the Private Economy in Transition: A Case Study of the Gap in Uzbekistan"

Jan Sir (Charles Univ.)

"Turkmenbashi Personality Cult and Its Role in the Modern Turkmen State Building'"

NAGAYAMA Yukari (Hokkaido Univ.)

"Reasons for Language Decline in the Russian Far East: A Case of Nymylan-Alutor in Kamchatka"

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