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2007 Summer International Symposium
July 4(Wednesday)
Fourth International Workshop for Young Scholars
Room 423 at the SRC

Session 1 : Energy Security: Russia, China and Japan
Shi Yajun (East China Normal University, Shanghai)

Energy Security of China: Facing Challenges and Strengthening International Cooperation

Liu Xu (Hokkaido University)

The Decision-making Process of the Route for the ESPO Oil Pipeline

Obayashi Hikaru (Kyoto University)

The Efforts Made by Russia and Advanced Countries on Hydrogen Technologies

Grigory Tkachenko (Pacific Institute of Geography, FEB RAS, Vladivostok)

Estimation and Development of Oil-Gas Resources in the Okhotsk Sea Basin and Sustainable Development in Northeast Asia (REVISED June20)
Session 2 : Knowledge and Values in Russian History 
Tatsumi Yukiko (Tokyo University)

Book Trade in Russia from 1860s to 1890s: A Geographical Analysis of Periodicals Distribution

Nagao Hiroshi (Hokkaido University)

The In- and Outside of the "Restrictive Measures against the Soviet Jews" in Stalin's Last Years: The Case of Soviet VUZs

Yaroslav Startsev (The Urals Academy of Public Administration, Yekaterinburg)

How Can a Policy Be Legitimated: Values and Goals Promoted by the Russian State

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