January 27 (Saturday)   

Special Seminar
(Room 423 at the SRC)

 "Regional/Subregional Politics in Post-Communist Countries"

10:00-11:30   1st Session:  [in Japanese with English interpretation]
   Review Discussion of the Collection "Emerging Local Governments in Eastern Europe and Russia" edited by Osamu Ieda 

   Reviewer: Masataka Takenaka (Gifu University)   [in Japanese, with synchronic translation]

   Replies will be given by the authors of this collection.

11:30-13:30   2nd Session: Regional Politics in Poland  [in English] 
   "Formation of the regional political space in Poland - A case of Upper Silesia." 
      Akio Komorida (Tokyo University)
   "Polish Local Government and the Europe of the Regions."
      Manabu Sengoku (Seinan Gakuin University)

13:30-14:30   Lunch

14:30-16:30   3rd Session: Regional and Local Politics in the NIS  [in English]

   "Politics of Pipelines: Gas Traders and Regional Elites in Ukraine." 
 Shinkichi Fujimori (Keio University)
   "The Island of Democracy?: Local Reforms in Kyrgyzstan. 1990-2000."
 Kimitaka Matsuzato (SRC)
  "Economic Reform and the Role of Regions in Russia: From the Viewpoint of Resource Allocation"
 Akane Hashimoto (Sophia University)

SRC's Winter Symposium 2001