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1. Excursion to Kyoto on August 11, 2013

 After the conference, on August 11, 2013, the Organizing Committee provides one-day excursion to Kyoto. The guide will speak in English.

 Foreign guests who will give a paper or serve as chair or discussant at the conference are invited to this excursion for free. We request other participants in this tour to pay 2000 yen. Most of you expressed your will on whether you will take part in this tour when you filled panel or individual proposal. If you hope to participate in this tour and have not expressed your desire, please contact the Organizing Committee.

2. Excursion to Koyasan on August 12, 2013

 On August 12, 2013, the Travel Agency JIC provides an additional, payable excursion to Koyasan.

 Koyasan was registered into the World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO in 2004. It is a small "religion city." On the top of the mountain with an altitude of nine hundred meters, it is crowded with more than one hundred temples.

 Kuukai, the founder of the Shingon denomination of Japanese Buddhism, created this holy place at the beginning of the ninth century. There are much cultural assets, such as the Daimon Gate and the Kongobu-ji Temple, in Koyasan. Since Koyasan is on the top of a mountain, it is cooler than Osaka 5 to 6 degrees, and many tourists visit also in summer.


 8:30  Departure from Osaka, transfer to Koyasan by Nankai line express train.
 10:30  Arrival at Koyasan.
 10:30-16:30  Walking tour in Koyasan with a Russian speaking guide.
   The Daimon Gate, Kongobuji temple, Konpondaito Pagoda, Okuno-in, lunch.
 16:30  Departure from Koyasan, transfer back to Osaka by express train.
 18:00  Return to Osaka.
 Price; 12000JPY p/p.
The participant in this tour needs to pay the price to JIC Travel Center together with hotel cost and visa support fee.
   This tour is carried out when 15 or more participants gather.
 A candidate needs to apply to JIC Travel Center directly by the end of June.

You can see about Koyasan by following web site
Russian:>> http://www.jic-web.co.jp/russia/pdf/japan_information_JIC_20120610_1.pdf
English: >> http://eng.shukubo.net/

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