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This list is compiled by Kimitaka MATSUZATO .

  “Go Farther and Fare Worse”: Municipal Elections in Lithuania in 1995, 1997, and 2000 (Explanation to the Tables and Appendixes)

  Table 1. Comparing Post-Communist Local Reforms

  Table 2. The National Totals of Local Deputies

  Table 3. The Number of Councils according to the Largest Parties

  Table 4. Mayors’ Party Affiliations

  Appendix 1. Largest Parties in the Local Councils

  Appendix 2. Mayors Elected in the Organizational Sessions of Councils

  Appendix 3. Local Coalitions and the Results

  Appendix 4. Relations between the Local Largest Parties in the Councils and Mayors

  Appendix 5. Patterns of Coalitions and Results


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