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 No.1 (1957)  No.11 (1967)  No.21 (1976)  No.31 (1984)  No.41 (1994)
 No.2 (1958)  No.12 (1968)  No.22 (1978)  No.32 (1985)  No.42 (1995)
 No.3 (1959)  No.13 (1969)  No.23 (1979)  No.33 (1986)  No.43 (1996)
 No.4 (1960)  No.14 (1970)  No.24 (1979)  No.34 (1987)
 No.5 (1961)  No.15 (1971)  No.25 (1980)  No.35 (1988)  
 No.6 (1962)  No.16 (1972)  No.26 (1980)  No.36 (1989)
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 No.8 (1964)  No.18 (1973)  No.28 (1981)  No.38 (1991)  
 No.9 (1965)  No.19 (1974)  No.29 (1982)  No.39 (1992)  
 No.10 (1966)  No.20 (1975)  No.30 (1982)  No.40 (1993)  


Slavic Studies1 (1957)

The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) 1-8 Shoich KIMURA
Chernyshevskii's View of " Capital" and " Labour " 9-24 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
The Theory of Revolution of the Party " People's Will"—Sources and Comments— 25-70 Shigeto TORIYAMA
P.L. Lavrov, Historical Letters (Translation). 71-118 Shigeo MATSUI
(REVIEWS) V.V. Ermilov, N.V. Gogol' 119-123 Nobuyuki KITAGAKI
(REVIEWS) E.V. Tarle, Krymska ia voina 125-129 Bokuro EGUCHI

Slavic Studies 2 (1958)

Two Narodnichestvos 1-12 Toru IWAMA
On Bazarov 13-30 Yukihiko KANEKO
Russian Criticism before Belinkij On Dostoevskij's 31-82 Nobuyuki KITAGAKI
The Double 83-103 Shigeo MATSUI
The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) 2 105-111 Shoichi KIMURA
P.L. Lavrov, Historical Letters (Translation) 2 113-134 Shigeo MATSUI
(Reviews)E. J. Simmons (Ed.), Continuity and Change in Russian and Soviet Thought,Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1955 135-142 Shigeto TORIYAMA

Slavic Studies 3 (1959)

On Publication of Soviet Diplomatic Documents 1-5 Bokuro EGUCHI
The Revolutionary Ideas of Michail Bakunin 7-65 Kichitaro KATSUDA
Arguments on " Capitalism " in the Latter Half of the 19th Century in Russia 67-84 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) 3 85-92 Shoichi KIMURA
Slavonic Council in Prague to the European Nations (Translation with Commentary) 93-100 Toshitaka YADA
Tale of Boris and Gleb (Translation with Introductory Note) 101-124 Seiji FUKUOKA
P. L. Lavrov, Historical Letters (Translation) 3
125-132 Shigeo MATSUI
М. V. Nečkina, Dviženie dekabristov, Izd. AN SSSR, Moscow, 1955
133-138 Tsuguo TUGAWA

Slavic Studies 4 (1960)

The Development of the Theory on the Proletarian Dictatorship by Lenin and Stalin 1-17 Masamichi INOKI
The Formation of Lavrism —An introduction to the study of the program «Vpered ! »— 19-63 Shigeto TORIYAMA
Plekhanov's Idea of the Hegemony of Proletariat 65-85 Shigeo ARAMATA
Sur la formation de la theorie du (Socialisme russe) chez Herzen 87-103 Tsuguo TUGAWA
A Short Review of the Turcological Studies in USSR 105-111 Shichiro MURAYAMA
P. L. Lavrov, Historical Letters (Translation) 4 113-140 Shigeo MATSUI

Slavic Studies 5 (1961)

Tkachev and his «Anarchy of Thought» (1) 1-15 Toru IWAMA
Character of the Reforms under the Reign of Ivan IV. (1)
—On the Interpretations of the Article 85 of the Sudebnik (1550)—
17-31 Shigeto TORIYAMA
The New Trends in Soviet Marxism and Their historical Significance 33-49 Tetsuzo NAKANO
Moscow's Leadership of Chinese Revolution — Under the First Kuomingtang Communist Cooperation (1923-27) — 51-71 Seiichi SHIBATA
On «The Tale of Ruin of the Russian Land» 73-95 Yoshikazu NAKAMURA
P. L. Lavrov, Historical Letters (Translation) 5 97-161 Shigeo MATSUI
The List of Books and Journals granted from the Ministry of Education and Culture of Czechoslovak Socialist Republic 163-166

Slavic Studies 6 (1962)

Character of the Reforms under the Reign of Ivan IV. ( 2 ) 17-31 Shigeto TORIYAMA
On A. N. Engel'gardt 27-41 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
Problems of «Nation» and «Emancipation of Peasants» in the Thought of Nicolae Balcescu 43-64 Tadashi HAGIWARA
P. la. Chaadaev, Philosophical Letters (Translation with Comments)— 1 — 65-87 Tsuguo TOGAWA
The Loris- Melikov Reform Project and Russian Tsarism 89-149 Haruki WADA

Slavic Studies 7 (1963)

Some Problems of the Matrimonial Property Law in Socialist States 1-14 Kiyoshi IGARASHI
The Austrian Social-Democratic Party and the National Problem 15-56 Toshitaka YADA
Prof. P. I. Lyashchenko and his Works 57-66 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
The Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Education during the Transition Period 67-104 Masanao TAKEDA
P. la. Chaadaev, Philosophical Letters (Translation with Biographical Commentary) 105-144 Tsuguo TOGAWA
The List of the Reports submitted on the Regular Conferences of the Slavic Institute

Slavic Studies 8 (1964)

On Pechorm 1-50 Yukihiko KANEKO
Tkachev and his «Anarchy of Thought»( 2 )
51-67 Toru IWAMA
О Законе Распределения по Труду при Социализме
69-107 Ichiro ONO
Р. la. Chaadaev, «Philisophical Letters» (Translation with Biographical Commentary) —Ⅲ— 109-144 Tsuguo TOGAWA

Slavic Studies 9 (1965)

Polish Confederations and Representation of Estates 1-14 Shigeto TORIYAMA
On the "Imperial Free Economic Society" 15-41 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
P. la. Chaadaev, «Philosophical Letters» (Translation with Commentary) -IV- 43-85 Tsuguo TOGAWA
Советская историография реформы 1861 года в России 87-136 Tetsuo YONEKAWA

Slavic Studies 10 (1966)

A Short History of Polish-Lithuanian Unions (Down to the Union of Mielnik) 1-26 Shigeto TORIYAMA
A Survey of Eastern Europe from the Viewpoint of Japanese Social Scientists : An Interim Report 27-37 Hiroshi MOMOSE
Залоги в сочетании глаголов с инфинитивом
в современном русскомлитературном языке
39-69 Syun SHIROTA
Reports and Discussion on "Modernization" 71-84 Shigeto TORIYAMA Tsuguo TOGAWA
The Life of the Archpriest Avvakum by Himself (Translation with Commentary) 85-144 Shigeo MATSUI

Slavic Studies 11 (1967)

Focal Points of the Si no-Soviet Dispute (I) 1-26 Masamichi INOKI
Undercurrent of the Reform Movement in the Reign of Alexander I. (I) 27-50 Toru IWAMA
On the " Imperial Free Economic Society" 51-72 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
Залоги в сочетании глаголов с инфинитивом
в современном русском литературномязыке
73-79 Syun SHIROTA
The Recent Situation of the Habsburg Studies in the United States 81-102 Toshitaka YADA
The Winter War and the Historians 103-121 Hiroshi MOMOSE

Slavic Studies 12 (1968)

P. Miliukov and "Juridical School" 1-57 Shigeto TORIYAMA
Some Reflections on the Relation between the Coalition and SRs (I) 59-83 Kenjiro TAKAOKA
Залоги в сочетании глаголов с инфинитивом
в современном русском литературномязыке
85-92 Syun SHIROTA
The Origin and the Development of the Slavic Studies in France 93-112 Tsuguo TOGAWA
The List of the Papers read on the Regular Conferences of the Slavic Institute 1113-117

Slavic Studies 13 (1969)

Herzen's "From the Other Shore" 1-35 Tsuguo TOGAWA
"Personal Property in the Soviet Union,"with Particular Emphasis on the Khrushchev Era : An Ideological, Political and Economic Dilemma (I) 37-85 Hiroshi KIMURA
An Analysis of Chernyshevsky's Dissertation (I) 87-110 Kazuko IDE
The Finnish Eastern Relations in the Contemporary Finnish Historical Literature 111-129 Hiroshi MOMOSE
On the Materials of the Eastern Economic Development Planned by GOSPLAN (I) 131-136 Satoshi
A Note on the Soviet-Finnish Relations in 1939 137-149 Hiroshi MOMOSE

Slavic Studies 14 (1970)

Eastward Expansion Policy of Russia and USSR——Problems of Siberia—— (I) 1-8 Satoshi
An Analysis of Chernyshevsky's Dissertation (II) 9-35 Kazuko IDE
Some Reflections on the Relation between the Coalition and the SRs (II) 37-56 Kenjiro TAKAOKA
On the Materials of the Eastern Economic Development Planned by GOSPLAN (II) 57-61 Satoshi
"Personal Property in the Soviet Union,with Particular Emphasis on the Khrushchev Era : An Ideological, Political and Economic Dilemma (II) 63-119 Hiroshi KIMURA

Slavic Studies 15 (1971)

Herzen's Polemics with Turgenev'and Bakunin (I) 1-91 Tsuguo TOGAWA
The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) (IV) 93-101 Shoichi KIMURA
Undercurrent of the Reform Movement in the Reign of Alexander I. (II) 103-119 Toru IWAMA
Eastward Expansion Policy of Russia and USSR ——Problems of Siberia——(II) 121-127 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
Eastern Law Research in Germany——Past and Present—— 129-142 Kiyoshi IGARASHI
Supplementary Notes on the Soviet-Finnish Relations Leading to the Winter War
143-155 Hiroshi MOMOSE
Supplementary Notes on the Soviet-Finnish Relations Leading to the Winter War
I. The Finnish Communist Party and the Winter War
II. A Social Democrat's (Atos Wirtanen's) View of the Finnish Relations with the Soviet Union
155-163 Hiroshi MOMOSE
News of the Institute 165-177

Slavic Studies 16 (1972)

The History of the C.P.S.U. and the Soviet Regime ——A Historical and Comparative Study——. 1-55 Hiroshi KIMURA
Chernyshefrsky's " The Russian at the Rendez-vous ". 57-89 Kazuko IDE
Joseph of Volokolamsk and His Political Ideas (I) 91-124 Takeo KURYUZAWA
Philologism and Conservatism in Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature 125-144 Joachim T. BAER
Eastward Expansion Policy of Russia and USSR ' ——Problems of Siberia——(III) 145-160 Satoshi YAMAMOTO
Era of Proclamations ——Sotoe Materials and Comments concerning the Birth of Russian Populism—— 161-207 Tsuguo TOGAWA
Finland's Relations with the Soviet Union 1940-1941 209-249 Hiroshi MOMOSE
The Recent Trends of the Research on the Habsburg Monarchy in West European Countries 251-270 Toshitaka YADA
International Symposium on the Old Russian History (May 1971, Freie Universitat Berlin) 271-275 Shigeto TORIYAMA
News of the Institute 277-286

Slavic Studies 17 (1973)

Japan's Relations with Finland, 1919-1944, as Reflected by Japanese Source Materials 1-39 Hiroshi MOMOSE
Russian Moves in Central Asia, 1843-1856 41-55 John W. STRONG
Two Brezhnev Editions of History of the C.P.S.U. 57-69 Hiroshi KIMURA
Herzen's Polemics'with Turgen&v and B'aku'nin (II) 71-158 Twiguo TO&A'WA
Some Reflections on the Relation between the Coalition and SRs (III) 159-201 Kenjiro TAKAOKA
Joseph of Volokolamsk and His Political Ideas (II) 203-239 Takeo KURYUZAWA
News of the Institute 241-247

Slavic Studies 18 (1973)

Capitalism and the Otrabotki System in Pre-revolutionary Russia 1-52 Shizuma HINADA
Marxist Views en "the Right of National Self-determination and the National Question in Eastern Europe. Rosa Luxemburg 53-96 Takayuki ITO
The Personal Subsidiary Economy in the Soviet Union ——Its Relations to the Socialist Production—— 97-115 Hiroshi KIMURA
The Emergence of Postwar Poland ——The Soviet Diplomacy and the Tactics of the Polish Workers' Party 1943-1945—— 117-166 Takayuki ITO
S.S. Dudyshikin's Argument against the "Superfluous Man" 167-221 Kazuko IDE
News of the Institute 223

Slavic Studies 19 (1974)

On the Enserfment of Peasants in Muscovy Late in the Sixteenth Century—— B. D. Grekov's Theory in Soviet Historiography —— 1-33 Shigeto TORIYAMA
Formation and Form in Gogol's " Dead Souls " 35-57 Keizo HAIYA
The Occupation of Southern Saghalin by the Russians in 1853-54 59-95 Toshiyuki AKIZUKI
The Turco-Armenian War and Turkey's Relations with Soviet Russia (1919-1920) 97-138 Masayuki YAMAUCHI
Problems of " East Furopean " Economic History in Recent Hungarian Historiography ——from Feudalism to Capitalism—— 139-175 Shingo MINAMIZUKA
John Amos Comenius in Poland and on Poland 177-189 Jerzy .SLIZINSKI
Organic Work as a Problem in Polish Historiography 191-205 Stanislaus A. BLEJWAS
Russian and Soviet Studies in Finland 207-218 Ilmari SUSILUOTO
News of the Institute 219-228

Slavic Studies 20 (1975)

The Chronicler's Story about Kii, the Ferryman 1-9 Seiji FUKUOKA
The Antinomies in Pechorin's Character 11-24 Kazuko IDE
The Provincial Reform of Catherine II, Its Motives and Backgrounds 25-47 Shigeto TORIYAMA
The Habsburg Army and the Nationality Problems 49-67 Toshitaka YADA
On the Meaning in Our Time of the Drafts of Marx's Letter to Vera Zasulich (1881) :With Textual Criticism 69-80 Shizuma HINADA
The Tukhachevsky Affair and Its Origins 81-95 Tomoyoshi HIRAI
Soviet Policy toward Finland during the Continuation War (I) 97-113 Hiroshi MOMOSE
Personal Property in the USSR, Its Relations with the Public Consumption Funds, and Their Prospects 115-142 Hiroshi KIMURA
Rosa Luxemburg in the Polish Social Democratic Movement:A Critical Survey of Recent Literature 143-174 Takayuki ITO
On the Comparison of the Socialist and Capitalist Contract Law:A Book Review of D. A. Loeber, Der hoheithch gestaltete Vertrag, 1969 175-196 Kiyoshi IGARASHI
Twenty Years of the Development of the Slavic Institute 197-210 Tsuguo TOGAWA
An Unexpected Visit from Messrs. V. V. Ivanov and N. E. Zarian to Hokkaido University 211-213 Nobuyuki KTTAGAKI
My Memory of Dr. Charles B. Fahs 215-219 Toru IWAMA
News of the Institute 221

Slavic Studies 21 (1976)

The Irony of Tnman' in Lermontov's Geroy nashego uremeni 1-29 Kazuko IDE
On Dostoevsky's " A Faint Heart " 31-50 Ken'nosuke NAKAMURA
The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) (V) 51-54 Shoichi KIMURA
The Revolution of 1848 and the Paradox of Chaadaev : A Critique on Prof Berlin s Interpretation of Chaadaev's Attitude during the Revolutionary Period 55-81 Tsuguo TOGAWA
The Limit of Material Incentives : The Failure of Khru&hchevism (I) 83-156 Hiroshi KIMURA
The Communist International and the Ndtiondl Questions in the Balkans (I) 157-187 Shigeru KIDO
Eastern Europe in Allied War Aims 1941-1945 (I) 89-215 Takayuki Ito
Soviet Policy toward Finland during the Continuation War (II) 217-232 Hiroshi MOMOSE
News of the Institute 233

Slavic Studies 22 (1978)

Polish Romantic Messianism in Comparative Perspective 1-15 Andrzej WALICKI
The Income Circulation in the Soviet Economic System
—A Study on "Narodnoe Khoziaistvo SSSR in 19 xx "—
17-68 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
Soviet Foreign Policy toward the Project for the Eastern Locarno 69-103 Takako UETA
Pitfall of "Public Principle" —The Failure of Khrushchevism (II)— 105-134 Hiroshi KIMURA
Eastern-European-Allied War Alms 1941-1945 (II) 135-190 Takayuki ITO
Conservative Thoughts of Walerian Kalinka
—Hotel Lambert and the Question of Peasant Liberation (1852-1861)—
191-216 Makoto HAYASAKA
Slavic and East European Studies in Japan 217-240 Jun MATSUDA
(Review)Khlebnikov, Colonial Russian America, 1817-1832 241-248 Toshiyuki AKIZUKI
News of the Institute 249-271
Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies in Japan 1976 271-301

Slavic Studies 23 (1979)

Pierre Tchaadaev : Fragments et pensees diverses (inedits) 1-52 presentes par
Lermontov's Ballad "Tamara" 53-85 Kazuko IDE
The Igor' Tale (Translation with Commentary) (VI) 87-94 Shoichi KIMURA
Communist International and the National Questions in the Balkans (II) 95-126 Shigeru KIDO
Soviet Policy toward Finland during the Contintaatidn War (III) 127-138 Hiroshi MOMOSE
Eastern Europe in Allied War Aims 1941-1945 (III) 139-167 Takayuki ITO
A Note on the Theory and Practice of Siberian Land Developing Models 169-205 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
News of the Institute 207-217
Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies in Japan 1977 219-267

Slavic Studies 24 (1979)

Z polsko-czesko-slowackich stosunkow kulturalnych na przestrzeni wiekow 1-9 Jerzy SLIZINSKI
The -Igor' Tale ^Translation with-Commentary) (V) 11-20 Shoichi KIMURA
On "The Tale of the Princes of- Vladimir" 21-50 Takeo KURYUZAWA
The Land-Redistribution in Russian Rural Communes — A Study on the Spread of the Practice 51-73 Shigeto TORIYAMA
The October Revolution in Siberia 75-125 Teruyuki HARA
A Study of Populism in Interwar Hungary — Intelligentsia, Nation and Democracy in the 1930's 127-182 Noriko SATO
Background of the Finno'Soviet Treaty of 1948 (I) 183-192 Hiroshi MOMOSE
The Labour Theory of Value and System of Solving Multipliers of L. V. Kantorovich (Objectively Conditioned Valuations) 193-206 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
The Slansky Trial of 1952 : Some New Psychological Insights 207-214 Vladimir V. KUSIN
News of the Institute 215-217

Slavic Studies 25 (1980)

Russian Expansion to the Pacific,1580-1700 : A Historiographical Review 1-25 Basil DMYTRYSHYN
Communism in Yakutia : The First Decade(1918-1928) 27-42 E. Stuart KIRBY
Asymmetries between Japan and the Soviet Union 43-84 Hiroshi KIMURA
Eastern Europe in the 1970s 85-125 Vladimir. V. Kusiiri
Slavic Studies in Japan: History, InstitutiSns and Problems 127-147 Takayuki ITO
Peter Chaadayev "Apology of a Madman" (Translation with Introduction and comments) 149-165 Tsuguo TOGAWA
Jaiproyement of' Planning, •a'nd Strengthening of the Economic Mechanism for Increased Efficiency of Production and of Quality of Labour. Resolution of the Central Committee of the CPSU and Council of Ministers of the USSR (Translation and Comments) 167-197 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
News of the Center 199-211

Slavic Studies 26 (1980)

A Japanese in Muscovy 1-30 Yoshikazu NAKAMURA
Soviet Foreign Policy Toward Japan since the Conclusion of the Japan-China Peace Treaty 31-55 Hiroshi KIMURA
Soviet and Japanese Negotiating Behavior: The Spring 1977 Fisheries Talks 57-106 Hiroshi KIMURA
The Charactaristics of the Belkin's "Income-Goods" Model and Its Application to Official Soviet Statistics 107-131 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
SThe Foundation and Socio-Economic Significance of SIZ System 133-157 Masayuki IWATA
Eastern Europe in Allied War Aime 1943-1945 (IV) 159-206 Takayuki ITO
(Documents)The Realia of the Age Is the Key to the Understanding of Its Art 207-219 Gosuke UCHIMURAe
Slavic Studies in the United States : An Overview 221-243 Paul L.HORECKY
News of the Center 245-248

Slavic Studies 27 (1981)

Turgenev and Savina 1-28 Kazuko IDE
Rural communes in Late Medieval Russia: A Study on Peasants' Land Suits 29-54 Toshinori Yoshida
Japan-Soviet Relations : From Afghanistan to Suzuki 55-80 Hiroshi Kimura
Background of the Finno-Soviet Treaty of 1948 (II) 81-104 Hiroshi Momose
(Review Article)The Trail of the Sable :New Evidence on the Fur-Hunters of Siberia in the Seventeenth Century 105-118 E. Stuart Kirby
(Document) The Realia of the Age Is the Key to the Understanding of Its Art 119-126 Gosuke Uchimura
News of the Center 127

Slavic Studies 28 (1981)

Oblomov and Literature 1-11 Jean Bonamour
A Statistical Analysis of Macro Economic Indexes of the Soviet Union 13-46 Kiichi Mochizuki
Planning and Bonus Function in the USSR 47-72 Masayuki Iwata
Energy Question in_the USSR 73-102 Fumikazu Yoshida
Background of the Finpo-Seviet Treaty of 1948 (III) 103-115 Hiroshi Momose
From the Activities of the Center 117-122
From the Library: On the Lensen Collection 123-126 Takako Akizuki
Practical Interest and Scholarly Research: Speech at the Opening Ceremony
of the Center's New Building
141-142 Takayuki ITO
Announcement of the 6th Round of a Foreign Visiting Fellowship Program 143-145

Slavic Studies 29 (1982)

The "Sanacja" and Problems of Security of the Second Republic 1-10 Andrzej GARLICKI
The Russian Revolution and the Peasant Movement: On the Problem of Stikhha in the Peasant Community 11-40 Katsunori NISHIYAMA
Some Aspects of the Soviet Foreign Policy in the 1929s; With Special Regard to the War Scare of 1927 41-69 Shinji YOKOTE
Reconstruction of Government System in the Countryside under the Stalinist Regime, 1931-1934 71-121 Kenji UCHIDA
Conflicting Views of Russian Nationalism 123-133 Albert BOITER
Main Problems of the Recent Hungarian Economic Development and Prospects of the Future Economic Growth 135-160 Tibor ERDOS
Future Trends in Military Build-Up and Economic Growth in the Soviet Union: An Analysis of Econometric Simulation on the 10th and 11th FYP 161-190 Haruki NIWA
News of the Center 191-196

Slavic Studies 30 (1982)

Lermontov's Novel Princess Ligovskaya: An Analysis of His Devices for Narration 1-31 Kazuko IDE
The Administrative System in the Hungarian Revolution: The Structure of the Councils' Power in 1919 33-70 Kumiko HABA
Czechoslovakia and "The Russian Question" at the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 71-94 Tadayuki HAYASHI
Rationalization and Labour Management in the USSR during the First Five-Year Plan Period : The Cases of the Coal and Construction Industries 95-134 Nobuaki SHIOKAWA
Background of the Fino-Soviet Treaty of 1948 (IV) 135-151 Hiroshi MOMOSE
(Notes)A Study on the "Interindustry Balance of Money Flow" of the Soviet Union 153-172 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
News of the Center 173

Slavic Studies 31 (1984)

(Translation)"Vita Constantini" Translation with Commentary (I) 1-17 Shoichi Kimura
Nonyuki Iwai
On the Nationalistic Element in the Revolutionary Thought of L. I. Mechnikov 19-43 Masaji Watanabe
Soviet Industrial Relations and the Collective Agreement System in the 1920s and 1930s 45-79 Nobuaki Shiokawa
Social Change and Political System under the Real Socialism: An Analysis of Party Elections in Poland 1980-81 81-125 Takayuki Ito
"The New Labor Organization" in Soviet Agriculture 127-154 Tatsuo Kaneda
(Report)A Note on Russian-Soviet Studies in West Germany 155-165 Hiromasa Nakayama
News of the Center 167

Slavic Studies 32 (1985)

On the Gosti 1-25 Takeo Kuryuzawa
Local Communities in the Sixteenth-Century Russia: A Study on the Cuba Institutions 26-53 Toshinori Yoshida
The First Printed Russian Newspaper Vedomosti 54-72 Takako Akizuki
Toshiyuki Akizuki
The Young Arinori Mori's View on Russia 73-105 Tsuguko Togawa
On the Party of People's Will 106-126 Hisao Inagake
The Left SRs in the October Revolution 127-152 Kenjiro Takaoka
The Russian Revolution and the Local Soviet: On the Formation of the One-Party Political System 153-182 Katsunori Nishiyama
Biobibliography of Shigeto Toriyama 183-190
(Translation)"Vita Constanini" Translation with Commentary (II) 191-215 Shoichi Kimura
Noriyuki Iwai

Slavic Studies 33 (1986)

(Translation)Vita Methodii: Translation with Commentary 1-16 Shoichi Kimura
Noriyuki Iwai
The Meaning of "Peasant State" in the Social Thought of Rudolf Bicanic; A Study of Yugoslav Populism 17-44 Isao Koshimura
On the Kolkhoz Household in the USSR: The 1977 Constitution and Debates in the Period 1956-64 45-74 Noriaki Matsui
Class and Social Mobility in Soviet Society 75-98 Yoshitomo Watanabe
(Note)Soviet Studies in the United Kingdom 99-107 Hiroshi Kimura
(Obituary)Suoichi Kimura and. ;the' Slavic" Studies in "the Hokkaido University 109-115 Tsuguo Togawa
(Obituary))Biobibliography of Shoichi Kimura 117-122
Center News

Slavic Studies 34 (1987)

A Short History of the " Socialist Literature Fund" (1887-1888)
Russian Emigre-Revolutionaries between Narodovol'chestvo and i Social-Democracy
1-26 Teruhiro SASAKI
Crime, Police, and Samosudy in Petrograd during the Russian Revolution 27-55 Tsuyoshi HASEGAWA
The" Theme of Russia and the West in the Works of Evgenii Zamiatin 57-76 Hiroshi NISHINAKAMURA
A Study on the Soviet National Income Statistics 77-103 Shinichiro TABATA
Sikorski's Soviet Policy (1939-1943)
The Origins of the Polish Question
105-144 Yoahikazu HIROSE
Bibliometrical Survey of Slavic and East European Studies in Japan (1976-1980) 145-171 Jun MATSUDA
(Notes) Some Reflections on the Federating Process of Yugoslavia, Based upon the Political Decisions of AVNOJ II 173-191 Toshiaki SONOHARA
(Librarian's Report)A Selective List of Major Materials Newly Acquired in the Slavic Research Center (1982-1985) 193-208 Takako AKIZUKI
Center News

Slavic Studies 35 (1988)

В. N. Chicherin and Russian Constitutionalism 1-23 Shuichi SUGIURA
Kolkhozes under the Rule of MTS Politotdels:Centermg upon the Problems of Labour Discipline 25-54 Takeshi TOMITA
"Gosudarstvovedenie" and Political Reform in the Soviet Union 55-78 Itsuro NAKAMURA
Russian Art Exhibition in 1927 and the Japanese Avant-Garde in the Taishou-Era 79-107 Toshiharu OMUKA
(Notes)The Study of Subordinate Clause of Time in the Vraca Gospel Book 109-121 Fumiaki HATTORI
(Notes)Economic Performances and Policy of the 12th Five Year Plan in the Soviet Union 123-144 Kiichi MOCHIZUKI
Center News

Slavic Studies 36 (1989)

Walter Scott and Russian Romantic Literature 1-19 Michiko KANAZAWA
Ideological Activity in Russian Avant Garde: "Function", "Environment", "Mirooščuščenie" 21-45 Masahiko OISHI
A.A.Gromyko in the Formative Years, 1909-1945 47-78 Shinji YOKOTE
The Problem of the Recognition of the USSR by the Little Entente, 1932-1934 79-111 Kiyoshi SAKAMOTO
(Notes)Chemyshevsky and Mikhailov: Their Views on Women 113-128 Yunko OTAKE
(Notes)Economic Situation in the Soviet Union and the Prospect of Planning in 1989 129-148 Kiich MOCHIZUKI
(Review)Sadayoshi OTSU, Labor Market in the Soviet Union 149-156 Shigeo ARAMATA

Slavic Studies 37 (1990)

Some Aspects of Organic Criticism On Apollon Grigor'ev's Literary Idea 1-41 Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI
Turgenev and Pisarev 43-83 Naoki AIZAWA
The Evolution of the Style in Chekhov's Short Stories From Traditional Realism to "Symbolic Realism" 85-107 Michiko SHIMIZU
The Aspects of Domestic and Political Economy of Chicherin's "Liberalism" 109-128 Shuichi SUGIURA
Berdiaev and Struve (1901-1909) 129-153 Ryo NEMURA
King, State and Society in Poland during the Later Middle Ages :A Study of the Origins of Polish Republicanism 155-176 Toshio INOUCHI
The Process of Annexation of the Periphery by fhe Russian Empire :A Case of Annexation of Bashkiria 177-207 Koichi TOYOKAWA
Gentry-Nobilities in the 1905-Revolution: The Congresses of the United Nobility and the Government 209-232 Tadashi KANO
Regional Differentiation of Living Standard in the USSR 233-270 Manabu SUHARA
Library Acquisitions in 1986-88 271-280 Takako AKIZUKI
Activities of the Slavic Research Center

Slavic Studies 38 (1991)

The Western Discourse of Love and Sex in Crisis :Two Ways of Protest : The Kreutzer Sonata and Mediocrity 1-16 Takayuki MURAKAMI
The Anaphoric Function of Slavic Demonstratives in Discourse Structure 17-36 Keiko MITANI
"Civilization" and Self — Consciousness of the .Russian Intelligentsia : P. N. Tkaehev and the Spirit of 1860 s ' 37-69 Toshiyuki SHIMOSATO
Soloviev and Nietzsche 70-90 Takahumi KUDO
Politics in the Soviet Countryside under the Great Terror : The 1936 Crop Failure and Azov — Chernomorsk Krai 91-120 Kenji UCHIDA
(Notes)Domestic Structural Change in Poland (1970-- 1990): Toward Political Economy of Structural Change 121-141 Manabu SENGOKU
(Documents) Collection of State Charters and Agreements 142-151 Takako AKIZUKI
Activities of the Slavic Research Center

Slavic Studies 39 (1992)

The Soviet Economy in the Second Half of the 1980s: An Analysis Based upon Input-Output Tables 1-38 Shinichiro TABATA
The Social Identities of Capitalists in Modern Russia: Concerning' the Moscow Reformist Group of 1905 39-72 Kazuo TAKADA
Nationality Policy in 18th Century Imperial Russia; The Volga and Ural Regions 73-96 Koichi TOYOKAWA
The Russian Local Administrative Reforms, 1858-1864: The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Local Nobility in the Era of the Great Reforms 97-129 Yutaka TAKENAKA
F. M. Dostoevsky - a Publicist and a Novelist: About the Psychological Structure of His Comments (pi Russo-European Relations 131-152 Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI
On L. N. Tolstoi's " Childhood " 153-179 KichijiroYAMADA
On"Vekhi" 181-209 Ryo NEMURA
Derivatives of Geographical Names in the Polish Language 211-221 Katsuyoshi WATANABE
(Notes)Notes on Type Indexes for Russian Folktales 223-246 Kazuo MIYASAKO
Activities of the Slavic Research Center

Slavic Studies 40 (1993)

The Island of Sakhalin under Joint Possession by Japan and Russia, 1867-1875 1-21 Toshiyuki AKIZUKI
Soviet Local Government under the Rule of the CPSU: A Case Study of Oktyabr'skii Raisovet in Moscow, 1988-90 23-41 Itsuro
A Study on the Origins of a Mythological Idea of Dostoevsky: Apocrypha and Folklore in "The Brothers Karamazov" 43-74 Toshiyuki SHIMIZU
The Current Croat Language Question 75-96 KeikoMITANI
Comparative Study of Stories Collected in the Paterik of Kievan Cave Monastery III: Storyteller Polikarp 97-123 KiyoharuMIURA
(Research Study)Supply, Demand and Distribution of Underground Resources in the Russian Far East 125-161 Kiichi
(Notes)Local Government in Late Imperial Russia: 1889-1917 167-183 Kimitaka
(Introduction to Materials)Russia-Related Materials at Hokkaido University: Individual Collections and Russian-Language Microform 185-232 Takako AKIZUKI
Activities of the Slavic Research Center

Slavic Studies 41 (1994)

Analysis of Growth of Russian National Income (1980-1991) 1-30 Shinichiro TABATA
"Decollectivization" in Russia • A Case Study of the Breaking-Up of Collective and State Farms in the Nonblack Earth Region and Northern Caucasus 31-57 Rihito YAMAMURA
New Economic Relations between China and the Former Soviet Union/Russia 59-76 Kazuo OGAWA
Growth Rate in Productivity of Aggregate Inputs in the Soviet Economy, 1923/24-1937 77-116 Haruki NIWA
Ecological Crisis in Russia : How to Overcome 117-139 V. Belkin
V. Strozhenko
Economic Reforms in the Russian Far East . Results, Problems, Conception of Development 141-150 P. Mmakir
On Stylistic Devices of I. Bunin's "The Village" 51-165 Tsuneko MOCHIZUKI
F. I Tiutchev and Censorship Reforms Compatibleness of Autocracy and the Freedom of the Press 167-187 On OYA
The Russian Civil War in Siberia and the Buryat - Mongolian Problem 189-216 Masanon IKOMA
Changing Landmarks' Movement and Soviet Power 217-244 Takeshi NAKASHIMA
Prof. Kiichi Mochizuki's Careers and Writings 245-253

Slavic Studies 42 (1995)

Forty Years of Slavic Research Center 1-13 Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI
A Brief History of the Slavic Research Center Library 15-40 Takako AKIZUKI
Russian Freemasons in the Roman "War and Peace" 41-59 Keiji KASAMA
Communal Grain Storage System in Russia: 1864-1917 61-85 Kimitaka MATSUZATO
"Five Language Dictionary" of Faust Vrancic and the Cakavian Dialect 87-100 Keiko MITANI
A Study on Expressions of Common Nouns in Karamzin's "Poor Liza":Data Base and Multivariated Analysi 101-116 Yasuo URAI
(Notes)Soviet Enviromental Ideology and Administrative System 117-133 Hirofumi KATAYAMA
(Notes)Steppes and Horse-Cattle Breeding in Sakha (Yakutia) 135-147 Shinji SAITO
(Notes)State Program on the Socio-Economic Development in the Russian North and the Katanga Ewenki 149-160 Mikhail G. TUROV
(Book Reviews) Reading on E. Acton's "Rethinking the Russian Revolution" 161-170 Yoshiro IKEDA
(Book Reviews) The Soviet Union during World War II in Western Researches 171-189 Kiyohiro MATSUDO

Slavic Studies 43 (1996)

Book of a Thousand and the Ivan IV's Reform Policy 1-31 Takeo KURYUZAWA
The Early Modern Society of Kecskemet — an Agro-Town jn Hungary:
Aspects of Sheep Farming and Its Related Industries
33-70 Hiroshi TOYA
On the Reforms of Local Assemblies in Poland in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century 71-92 Taichi SHIRAKI
Apparatus Democracy: Politics and Administrations in Russian Counties and Small Citie 93-128 Kimitaka MATSUZATO
The Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan: Anatomy of Decision Making in Foreign Policy 129-166 Sung-Ho KIM
Soviet TV Media in a Period of Perestroika: An Analysis of Glasnost' from a Viewpoint of Media Study 167-180 Mitsuru JOHNO
Infancy and Utopism in lu. Olesha's The Cherry Stone 181-204 Kazuhisa IWAMOTO
Japan through Bronislaw Pilsudski's Eyes: His Acquaintance with Female Musicians of the Tokyo Music School 205-227 Kazuhiko SAWADA
(Note) The Avant-Garde and the Collector: with Special Reference to a New Russian Catalog Raisonne of the Nikita D. Lobanov-Rostovsky Collectio
229-237 Toshiharu OMUKA
Prof. Takako Akizuki's Careers and Writings 239-242