Links: Eastern Europe = Ethnicity and History

• American Hungarian Folklore Centrum [http://www.magyar.org]

• BALTIC INSTITUTE OF FOLKLORE [http://www.folklore.ee/BIF/index.php]

• Bronislaw Piotr Piłsudski [http://www.icrap.org/]

• Burleson County Czech Heritage Museum [http://www.rtis.com/reg/caldwell/org/museum.htm]

• Centrum The Center for Polish Studies [http://www.learnpolishttp://mariyot.ld.infoseek.co.jp/kalmicletter.htmh.edu.pl/]

• Crimean Tatar Home Page [http://www.euronet.nl/users/sota/krimtatar.html]

• Europe Maps [http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/europe.html]

• Hungarian National Museum [http://www.hnm.hu/]

• Hungarian Natural History Museum [http://www.nhmus.hu/e_index.html]

• Institute & Museum of Military History [http://www.militaria.hu/]

• Jewish community of Dniepropetrovsk [http://jew.dp.ua]

• Latvian War Museum [http://www.karamuzejs.lv]

• Litopys UPA — Chronicle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army [http://www.infoukes.com/upa/]

• Museum of Occupations of Estonia [http://www.okupatsioon.ee/english/lists/]

• National Museum (Czech) [http://www.nm.cz/english/]

• Polish American Museum [http://www.liglobal.com/t_i/attractions/museums/polish/]

• Polish Museum in Rapperswil [http://www.muzeum-polskie.org/]

• Poznan Archaeological Museum [http://www.muzarp.poznan.pl/muzeum/eindex.html]

• The Central Prisoner–Of–War Muzeum [http://www.uni.opole.pl/cmjw/eindex.html]

• The Jewish Museum of Riga [http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/riga/JewishMuseumofRiga.htm]

• The Moravian Museum (Czech) [http://www.mzm.cz/Default-en.htm]

• The Museum of Viljandi [http://www.muuseum.viljandimaa.ee]

• The Museums and Archive of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus [http://www.ac.by/organizations/museums/]

• The National Museum of History — Sofia, Bulgaria [http://www.historymuseum.org/]

• The Occupation Museum of Latvia (1940 – 1991) [http://www.occupationmuseum.lv/]

• Welcome to DUDUTKI — museum of material culture of old Belarus on WWW Belarus [http://www.belarus.net/polyfact/]

• ZNAN'STOVO — Medieval Hungary Page [http://tulgey.browser.net/~hungary/]

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