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• Airforce Museum at Monino [http://www.moninoaviation.com]

• Center for theTraining of Astronauts (МУЗЕЙ ЦЕНТРА ПОДГОТОВКИ КОСМОНАВТОВ) [http://www.gctc.ru/gagarin/live/myzey_Zv.htm]

• Central Naval Museum [http://www.museum.navy.ru/]

• Department of Ocean Research, Atmosphere Physics and Geography (DORAPG) [http://www.ras.ru/RAS/oofag.html]

• Friends and Partners in Space (FPSPACE) [http://www.friends-partners.ru/oldfriends/jgreen/fpspace.html]

• Gala net [http://www.gala.net/]

• InfoMag: distribution of bibliographical and other scientific information, primarily scientific technical journals tables of contents [http://www.infomag.ru/]

• Museum of Aviation and Astronautics [http://museum.ssau.ru/]

• New Technologies and Information Centre Belgorod, Russia [http://www.geocities.com/Eureka/Concourse/8659/]

• Scott Polar Research Institut [http://www.spri.cam.ac.uk/]

• Technologiya — State Research Center [http://www.technologiya.ru/tech/index.html]

• The Source Book on Soviet–Designed Nuclear Power Plants [http://www.insc.anl.gov/neisb/]

• The State Scientific Center of Russia — Central R&D Institute for Robotics and Technical Cybernetics [http://www.rtc.neva.ru/]

• Virtual Space Museum [http://vsm.host.ru/]

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