Links: Russia = Politics and Economics

• Air Force RU [http://www.airforce.ru/]

• APN [http://apn.ru]

• Banking Production Center [http://www.bpc.ru/]

• Banking system RESTRUCTURING in Russia [http://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/seminar/2000/invest/pdf/alexander.pdf]

• BASTION Perspective Research Public Fund [http://www.bastion.ru/]

• BISNIS — BISNIS Bulletin [http://bisnis.doc.gov/bisnis/bulletin.cfm]

• BISNIS: Business Information Service for the Newly Independent States [http://bisnis.doc.gov/bisnis/bisnis.cfm]

• BISNIS: Locating A Business in Russia [http://www.friends-partners.org/newfriends/economics/locate.business.inrussia.html]

• Business and Marketing Analytic Centre of International Centre for Scientific and Technical Information [http://www.bma.ru/]

• Carnegie Moscow Center [http://www.carnegie.ru]

• Center for Defence Information,Russian Weekly [http://www.cdi.org/russia/]

• Center for Liberal Conservative Policy [http://www.clcp.ru/]

• Center for Policy Studies in Russia [http://www.pircenter.org/]

• Center for Political Conjuncture in Russia [http://www.ancentr.ru/]

• Center-Invest Commercial Bank [http://www.centrinvest.ru/rus/index.html]

• Central Economics and Mathematics Institute [http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/index.htm]

• CISSTAT: Interstate Statistical Committee of the CIS [http://www.cisstat.com/]

• Conflict Studies Research Centre, Sandhurst UK: Russia [http://www.ppc.pims.org/Events/Projects/CSRC/russia.htm]

• CSIS Russia and Eurasia [http://www.csis.org/ruseura/]

• Elektronnyi arkhiv [http://www.nns.ru]

• Elektronnyi arkhiv (nezavisimye tsentry) [http://www.nns.ru/tsentr/analitic.html]

• Energy Information Administration: Country Analysis Briefs: E. Europe and Former Soviet Union [http://www.eia.doe.gov/emeu/cabs/cabsfsu.html]

• European Standard:Legal Center European Standard [http://www.user.cityline.ru/~vklit15a/consult/]

• Ex-USSR Nuclear Technologies and the World [http://www.ida.net/users/pbmck/xsovnuc/exs_top.htm]

• F&P Economics and Business in Russia/NIS [http://www.friends-partners.org/friends/economics/business.htmlopt-tables-pc-english-]

• FidoNetOnline:Archive of ru.military, ru.military.navy, ru.weapon, su.suvorov [http://www.fido-online.com/x?Echoes?rrXtZU&0&15]

• Foreign Currency Exchange Rate [http://www.49valut.ru]

• GfK Market Research Company [http://www.gfk.ru/]

• Gorbachev fond [http://www.gorby.ru]

• Human Rights Online [http://www.hro.org]

• Indeksy potrebitel'skikh tsen [http://www.akdi.ru/ministr/gkstat/akdi.htm] (物価指標)

• Index RTSI [http://www.rts.ru/index.cfm?id=2376] 経済指標

• Information Agency TS-VPK : Military News [http://ia.vpk.ru/news/body.htm]

• Institut ekonomicheskogo analiza [http://www.nns.ru/tsentr/ekonanal.html] 経済分析研究所:ロシア内

• Institut natsional'noi modeli ekonomiki [http://www.nns.ru/tsentr/inme.html] 経済国家モデル研究所:ロシア内

• Investment Guide to Russia [http://www.fipc.ru/fipc/] (投資ガイド)

• Joint Institute for Nuclear Research [http://www.jinr.ru/]

• Kalach Center for the Support of Entrepreneurs [http://www.cse.vrn.ru/]

• Kodeks Net. [http://www2.kodeks.net/index.html]

• Krasnaya Zvezda [http://www.redstar.ru/]

• Market Economy Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences [http://www.cemi.rssi.ru/mei/index.htm]

• MDM Bank [http://www.mdmfinancialgroup.com/]

• Merchant Support Network [http://www.msn.ru]

• Military News Agency [http://www.militarynews.ru/]

• Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Russian Federation [http://www.aris.ru/]

• Ministry of Finances [http://www.minfin.ru/home.htm]

• National Customs Committee [http://www.customs.ru/]

• NuclearNo.com - Russian Nuclear Non-Proliferation Site [http://nuclearno.com/index.asp]

• NUPI — Centre for Russian Studies [http://www.nupi.no/cgi-win/Russland/a_enhet.exe/listalle]

• Prague Watchdog [http://www.watchdog.cz]

• Pravopoliten [http://www.pravopoliten.ru]

• Russia tax system [http://ns.fipc.ru/fipc/tax.html]

• Russia: Country Commercial Guide With Tables [http://www.friends-partners.org/oldfriends/economics/comm.guide.tables/ru.comm.guide.index.html]

• Russian and Eurasian Security Network: Russian Analytical Digest [http://www.res.ethz.ch/analysis/rad/]

• Russian Business Service Network [http://www.russianbusinesssite.com/index.asp]

• Russian Government [http://www.government.ru]


• Russian Military Analysis / DEFENSE AND SECURITY [http://www.wps.ru/en/products/pp/military/]

• Russian Ministry of Justice [http://www.scli.ru/] ロシア法務省

• Russian Navy — Official Home Page [http://www.navy.ru/]

• Russian Power [http://legion.wplus.net/]

• St. Petersburg Trade Development Center [http://cvt.frinet.org/]

• State Research and Production Enterprise SPLAV, Tula. (R) [http://www.airshow.ru/expo/587/]

• STOS Investiment News (National News Service) [http://www.nns.ru/gallery/stos/index.html]

• The Central Bank of the Russian Federation [http://www.cbr.ru]

• THE RUSSIAN AVIATION RESEARCH PAGE [http://www.samolet.co.uk]

• The Source Book on Soviet-Designed Nuclear Power Plants [http://www.insc.anl.gov/neisb/]

• Transition: Events & Issues in the Former Soviet Union and East-Central and Southeastern Europe : Back Issues [http://archive.tol.cz/transitions/archive1.html]

• Weapons & Equipment of Russia and the Former Soviet Union [http://www.galope.com/mike/frames.htm]

• Welcome Page of IC Rating [http://www.rating.ru/]

• Wellcome to Analytica [http://analytica-m.narod.ru]

Базы данных по законодательству [http://black.inforis.nnov.su/infobase/_a_/bases.ws]

КонсультантПлюс — Общероссийская Сеть распространения правовой информации [http://www.consultant.ru/]

Мониторинг российского законодательства [http://www.akdi.ru/prb/new/pm.htm]

Научно-технический центр правовой информации Система [http://www.systema.ru/]

Фонд информационной поддержки экономических реформ (ФИПЭР) [http://fiper.ru/]

北海道商業経済交流課ロシアグループ [http://www.pref.hokkaido.lg.jp/kz/skk/russia/russia/index.htm]

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