Slavic Research Center
International Symposium

The Emerging New Regional Order
in Central and Eastern Europe

Copyright (c) 1997 by the Slavic Research Center.( English / Japanese ) All rights reserved.

July 24 (Wed.)

15:30-16:30 Opening lecture Chair: Tadayuki HAYASHI

Iván T. BEREND (Hungary; Center for European and Russian Studies, UCLA)
Transformation and Stractural Changes: Central and Eastern
Europe's Post-Communist Adjustment in a Historical Perspective

16:40-17:40 1st Session Chair: Tadayuki HAYASHI

Taku SHINOHARA (Japan; Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Central European Ideas from Historical Perspective

Discussant: Hiroaki OZAWA

July 25 (Thu.)

9:45-11:45 2nd Session Chair: Rihito YAMAMURA

László CSABA (Hungary; Kopint-Datorg, Institute for Economic, Market Research and Intormatics Ltd.)
Enlargement of the EU; Dynamics and Problems

Akira UEGAKI (Japan; Seinan Gakuin University)
Is Russia Getting into the International Financial Market ? :
An Analysis of the Balance of Payments Statistics

Discussants: Yasuyuki KOKUBO, Yoshiaki NISHIMURA

13:15-15:15 3rd Session Chair: Shigeru KIDO

Andzej RUDKA (Poland; Institute for East West Studies, Warsaw Center)
Central Europe: Regional Cooperation and Beyond

Yoshikazu HIROSE (Japan, Yamanashi Gakuin University)
Austria and the Central European Initiative

Discussants: Takayuki ITO, Miho OSHIMA

15:45-17:45 4th Session Chairi Koichi INOUE

Pertti JOENNIEMI (Finland; Center for Peace and Conilict Research)
The Karelian Question: Ways ofSettling Border Disputes in
Present-Day Europe

Susumu NAGAYO (Japan; Waseda University)
Slovakia and Hungary: The Most Complicated Bilateral Relations in
Central Europe: Focusing on the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Problem

Discussants: Hiroshi MOMOSE, Stephen KOTKIN

Reception party at Aspen Hotel

July 26 (Fri.)

9:45-11:45 5th Sesslon Chair: Kazuo NAKAI

Ivo SAMSON (Slovakia; Slovak Institute for International Studies)
Enlargement of NATO Eastwards and the Slovak Security Position

Jiří Šedivý (Czech Rep.; Institute of Politology, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University)
Czech-NATO Relations: A Dynamic Process

Discussants: Takako UETA, Yutaka AKINO

6th Session Chair: Shinichiro TABATA

Witold MORAWSKI (Poland; Warsaw University)
Society as an Economic Actor in Three Paradigms of Systemic Change in Poland

Tsuneaki SATO (Japan; Professor Emeritus of Economics. Yokohama City University)
Possibilities for and Limitations to a "Mixed Economv " in Post-
Socialist Transformation: Reflections After Thirteen Years

Drscussants: Hiroyuki OKADA, Kioshi KASAHARA

13:15-15:15 7th Session Chair: Fumio UDA

Vitalii ZHURKIN (Russia; Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Science)
Russia and the Enlargement of NATO

Yoko IWAMA (Japan; Kyoto University)
Western Europe and the Future of NATO

Discussants: Takako UETA, Kenichi NAKAMURA

15:30-17:00 8th Session Chair: Shugo MINAGAWA

Round-Table Discussion

July 27 (Sat.)

9:45-11:45 Panel DiscussionPolitical Directions of El'tsin Government after the Presidential Elections

Char: Shugo MINAGAWA (Japan; SRC)

Toshihiko UENO (Japan; Japan Institute of Intemational Affairs)
Fumio UDA (Japn; Sophia University)
Nobuaki SHIOKAWA (Japan; University of Tokyo)
Nobuo SHIMOTOMAI (Japan; Hosei University)
Shigeki HAKAMADA (Japan; Aoyama Gakuin University)

Discussant: Hiroshi KIMURA (Japan; International Institute of Japanese studies)

Copyright (c) 1997 by the Slavic Research Center.( English / Japanese ) All rights reserved.