Shedule change for GCOE-SRC winter sumposium on Dec. 4th

  There will be a slight change in schedule for the 2nd International Winter Symposium to be held at the Slavic Research Center on Dec. 4th due to the late arrival of some of our guests because of the unexpected snow storm in Europe.


Session 2: From the Eyes of Political Geographers:
 The Balkans, Central Asia and Okinawa (originally session 3)
Moderator Akihiro Iwashita (SRC, Japan)
 (1) Anton Gosar (University of Primorska, Slovenia)
  “The Border Puzzle: Results of Disintegration and EU Integration Processes
  on the Territory of Former Yugoslavia”
 (2) Reuel Hanks (Oklahoma State University, U.S.)
  “Border Dynamics and Political Geography in Central Eurasia: Themes in Decolonization, Modernization and     Regionalization”
 (3) Takashi Yamazaki (Osaka City University, Japan)
  “Space, Subject, and Political Behavior at Border: Okinawa as a Double Periphery”
Discussants: Osamu Ieda (SRC, Japan)
        Tomohiko Uyama (SRC, Japan)
        Akihiro Iwashita (SRC, Japan)

Session 3: Encounter with Transnational Sociology:
 Refugees, Migrants and Minorities (originally session 2)
Moderator: Kenichi Nakamura (Hokkaido University, Japan)
 (1) Hideki Tarumoto (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  “Managing Borders and Migrants through Citizenship: A Japanese Case”
  (2) Daniele Joly (University of Warwick, U.K.)
  “The European Asylum Regime and Temporary Protection: A Restrictive Paradigm”
 (3) Muzammil Quraishi (University of Salford, U.K.)
  “Transnational Lives: Experiences of Muslim Ex-Offenders in the UK” Discussant: Kazuhisa Nishihara (Nagoya   Univ., Japan)

We apologize for the change and we look forward to seeing you at the symposium.


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