Other Educational Programs

Nakamura-Suzukawa Fellowship

The SRC, on the basis of the fund donated by Mr. Nakamura and TaizoMr. Masahisa Suzukawa, invites young researchers from outside Hokkaido to engage in their own research for two to three weeks. Every year, five to ten young researchers, mainly PhD candidates, are selected as Nakamura-Suzukawa fellows. Access to the Library's collections, close interaction with research staff members and visiting fellows, and participation in various conferences enable these fellows to develop their research, and many of them come to play a leading role in Slavic-Eurasian area studies.

Postdoctoral Fellowship

The SRC invites several postdoctoral fellows every year with the help of part-time research fellowship programs. The fellows are principally selected through application. They have a common research room, conduct their own research with the advice of staff members, and are given opportunities to present their research. At the same time, they assist the research staff in organizing international symposia and carrying out joint research projects. In addition, a certain number of JSPS (Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science) research fellows stay in the Center.