Slavic Studies No.47

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From Ethno-Bonapartism to Centralized Caciquismo :Features and Genesis of the Tatarstan
Political Regime,1990-1998
Kimitaka MATSUZATO 587kb 1
Radical Structural Reforms and E terprise Performance
in the Kyrgyz Republic:An Institutional Approach
Ichiro IWASAKI 518Kb 37
The Stability of Inequality and Poverty in Russian in the First Period of Transition:
Wage Arrears and Secondary Employment
Yuka TAKEDA 447Kb 71
Lending and Investing Activities of Russian Banks from 1992 to the Beginning of 1998:
From Viewpoints of Banks ’ Location ,Foundation and Scale
Shigeki ONO 312Kb 91
World War and Neoslavophilism:
Vyacheslav Ivanov as a Thinker in the Wartime
Satoshi KITAMI 477Kb 117
Property Consciousness of the Russian Peasant:
A Rethink on the Labor Principle Theory
Hiroshi YOSHIDA 415Kb 157
Deportation of Volga Germans
Shiro HANYA 579Kb 181
Komsomol under Perestroika:The Attempts to Survive
and the Beginning of Collapse 1987-1988
Miyako MORI 506Kb 217
Between Interest Representation and Governing through Parliamentary Democracy:Coali-
tion Politics in Czechoslovakia during the World Depression
Mizuho NAKADA-AMIYA 516Kb 249
The Hungarian Jury System under a Dual Monarchy System
Rieko UEDA 431Kb 281
Ukraine and NATO ’s Eastward Expansion
Shinkichi FUJIMORI 426Kb 301

《Material &Commentary 》
From the History of Russian Emigration in Japan :The 100th Anniversary of A.S.Pushkin ’s
Death Celebrated by Russian Émigrés in Tokyo in 1937
Kazuhiko SAWADA 651Kb 327

《Research Notes 》
Rethinking of Pushkin’s “The Prisoner of the Caucasus ”

Masanori GOTO



The Social Theory of Gyula Pikler:The Cross Section of Moder Thoughts in Budapest
around the Turn of the 19th-20th Century
Tamio MITOMA 367Kb 367

《Review Article 》
China ’s New Wave in Former Soviet U ion Studies





Copyright (c) 2000 by the Slavic Research Center( English / Japanese ) All rights reserved.