Slavic Studies No.50

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Hourglass or the Book of the World: A Study on Danilo Kiš PDF 1,042Kb
・・・・・・・ OKU Ayako ・・・・・・ 1

New Tatar Intellectuals in the Volga-Ural Region: Discourses
on "Nation," Millät, after the 1905 Revolution
PDF 957Kb
・・・・・・・ NAGANAWA Norihiro ・・・・・・ 33

The Hasidic Pilgrimage to Uman: History of a Jewish Sacred Place in the Ukraine
PDF 1,200Kb
・・・・・・・ AKAO Mitsuharu ・・・・・・ 65

The "Jewish Problem" in the Postwar Soviet Physics, 1945- 1953 PDF 1,073Kb
・・・・・・・ NAGAO Hiroshi ・・・・・・ 107

Komsomol and Informal Organizations under Perestroika: Rivalry and Cooperation PDF 970Kb
・・・・・・・ MORI Miyako ・・・・・・143

Non-Payment of Wages in Russia
PDF 921Kb
・・・・・・・ SUGlURA Fumikazu ・・・・・・177

Acculturation of Political Thought between Russia and the West:
F. F. Martens on International Law
PDF 911Kb
・・・・・・・ AMANO Naoki ・・・・・・203

Enclosed Peasant Households and Restriction on Their Subdivision in Russia during the Stolypin Reform PDF 956Kb
・・・・・・・ CHOI Jaedong ・・・・・・229

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Tuberculosis and Revolution: Person and Society in the Anti-tuberculosis Campaign in Soviet Russia PDF 785Kb
・・・・・・・ GOTO Masanori ・・・・・・269

Disputes over the Sakhalin Fisheries (1875-1904)
PDF 767Kb
・・・・・・・ KAMINAGA Eisuke ・・・・・・285

Bible Translation into Russian and the Russian Bible Society : Its Historical Position
PDF 770Kb
・・・・・・・ TONAI Yuzuru ・・・・・・301

The Theoretical and Political Platforms of M.A. Bakunin on Slavic Issues
PDF 756Kb
・・・・・・・ YAMAMOTO Kenso ・・・・・・317

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Japanese Studies of Russian History in the Context of Academic Globalization PDF 767Kb
・・・・・・・ Il'ia Gerasimov ・・・・・・331

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Book-Review: T.I. Pashkova, Mestnoe upravlenie v russkom gosudarstve pervoi poloviny XVI veka: namestniki i lrolosteli (M., 2000), 215 s. PDF 669Kb
・・・・・・・ MIYANO Yutaka ・・・・・・343


Copyright (c) 2003 by the Slavic Research Center( English / Japanese ) All rights reserved.