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2003 Winter International Symposium
Russia, East Asia, and Japan at the Dawn of 20th Century:
The Russo-Japanese War Reexamined
From January 29 through February 1, 2003
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At Room 423, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sapporo

January 29 (Wed.)
15:30-17:30: Welcoming Remarks by HARA Teruyuki (SRC)

Opening Lecture

Geoffrey Jukes (SRC)

“The Russo-Japanese War and Its Consequences”
HARA Teruyuki (SRC)
17:30-18:30 Beer Reception (Room 328 of the SRC)
January 30 (Thu.)

9:30-12:00: Session 1 : The Origins of the Russo-Japanese War

David Schimmelpenninck van der Oye (Brock University, Canada)

“Do the Archives Change the Story?: A New Look at the Origins of the Russo-Japanese War”

Igor V. Lukoianov (St. Petersburg Branch, Institute of Russian History, Russia)

“ ‘Bezobrazovtsy’: The Path of Russia to the War with Japan”

Anatolii V. Remnev (Omsk State University, Russia)

“Administrative Collapse of Empire: The Far Eastern Viceroyalty and Problem of United Government”
Chair: UDA Fumio (Sophia University, Japan)
Discussants: HIRAI Tomoyoshi (Osaka City University, Japan)

12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-15:30: Session 2 : The Russo-Japanese War and China

David Wolff (Woodrow Wilson Center, USA)

“Not so Neutral: Employing the Third Parties for Intelligence Gathering in the Russo-Japanese War”

KAWASHIMA Shin (Faculty of Law, Hokkaido University, Japan)

“What is Neutral on International Law”
Chair: IWASHITA Akihiro (SRC)
Discussants: Bruce A. Elleman (Center for Naval Warfare Studies, USA)
NAKAMI Tatsuo (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

15:45-17:45: Session 3 : The Anti-Tsarist Movements during the Russo-Japanese War

Dmitrii B. Pavlov (Moscow City Association of Archives, Russia)

“All-Russian Socialist Parties and the Russo-Japanese War, 1904-1905”

INABA Chiharu (Meijo University, Japan)

“Polish Opposition Movement and Japan”
Chair: IEDA Osamu (SRC)
Discussants: KANO Tadashi (Hosei University, Japan)
Vladimir P. Buldakov (SRC)

Reception at Hotel Dynasty
January 31 (Fri.)
9:30-12:00: Session 4 : The Russo-Japanese War as an Issue of Domestic Politics

Yulia Mikhailova (Hiroshima City University, Japan)

“Nationalism and Patriotism in Russia during the Russo-Japanese War”

TSUCHIYA Yoshifuru (Nihon University, Japan)

“Unsuccessful National Unity: Home Front in Russia”

John Steinberg (Georgia Southern University, USA)

“The Operational Performance of the Imperial Russian Official Corps during the Russo-Japanese War”
Chair: KIMURA Takashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
Discussants: WADA Haruki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
NEMURA Ryo (Niigata Institute of Technology, Japan)

12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-15:30: Session 5 : Archival Materials for Renewal of Sakhalin Historiography

INOUE Koichi (SRC)

”On Russian Policies for Governing Siberian Natives: With Special Reference to B. Pilsudski’s Attempts in 1903-1905”

Aleksandr I. Kostanov (Archival Affairs Department, Administration of Sakhalin Region, Russia)

“Documentary Sources on History of Northern Sakhalin in 1905-1945 in Russian Archives”
Chair: MOCHUZUKI Tetso (SRC)
Discussants: SASAKI Shiro (National Museum of Ethnology, Japan)
KAMINAGA Eisuke (Univ. of Tokyo)

15:45-17:45: Session 6 : The Russo-Japanese War in Historical Perspective

Sarah C. M. Paine (SRC)

“The Sino-Japanese and Russo-Japanese Wars in Meiji Strategy and the Consequences”

YOKOTE Shinji (Keio University, Japan)

“Lessons of the Russo-Japanese War for Soviet Leaders”
Chair: HAYASHI Tadayuki (SRC)
Discussants: David Wolff (Woodrow Wilson Center, USA)
HARA Teruyuki (SRC)
February 1 (Sat.) Excursion: The former Otaru Branch Offices of the Nippon Yusen Co. Ltd.