SRC/ISSRAS Joint Seminar Current Trends in Slavic Linguistics

In 2020, the Institute of Slavic Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISSRAS) and the Slavic-Eurasian Research Center at Hokkaido University (SRC) arrived at the idea of setting up a jointly organized platform run on a regular basis to and to launch an online seminar, specifically focusing on the linguistic aspects of Slavic studies, entitled Current Trends in Slavic Linguistics/Современныетенденциивславянскомязыкознании. The aims of this online platform are as follows:

    1. To exchange ideas, new publications and field research data through presentations and discussions among scholars,
    2. To develop Slavic linguistics with special attention to the recent enhancement of its interdisciplinary aspects,
    3. To develop Slavic linguistics in the context of the advancement of various linguistic theories and the emergence of linguistic sub-fields, and
    4. To discuss the modifications of Slavic linguistics with regard to new technologies and new global challenges which influence the languages,
    5. Through exchanging ideas and participating in brainstorming discussions, to set up joint scholarly projects in which colleagues affiliated with our institutions (and related scholars) can work together in one way or another.

    Within this framework, we plan to organize one lecture and one workshop with a common theme as regular annual events. In addition, we will also organize various interesting events, such as small conferences and special lectures. We would like to emphasize that this platform will be run by the abovementioned two institutions, but all events will be open to everyone and participants are not limited to colleagues affiliated to those two institutions. Therefore, we will invite scholars on a global level to work together to advance Slavic linguistics and related fields. In the long run, we foresee in-person events as well after the pandemic is over.
    We look forward to seeing you at our online events, and in person sometime soon.

Dr. Motoki Nomachi (SRC)
Dr. Irina Sedakova (ISS RAS)
PhD. Gleb Pilipenko (ISS RAS)