Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program

August 3, 2015

The Slavic-Eurasian Research Center of Hokkaido University is pleased to announce the thirty-eighth round of the SRC’s Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program for 2016-2017*.

Foreign specialists in studies of the former Soviet and East European countries, who are interested in spending several months at the SRC during the academic year of 2016-2017 (June to March), may submit applications for this program. Applicants should choose their period of stay at the SRC: Within the period from June 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, applicants will be able to name their preferred period longer than two months.
After the selection process, the SRC reserves the right to ask nominated applicants to change the period of stay at the Center.


* After the restructuring of foreign visitors systems of the Hokkaido University in 2013-2014, the SRC runs its foreign visitors fellowship program within the new system which is managed and financed by the University.


1.Conditions of Awards


The Center undertakes to provide the following:

  1. One round-trip air ticket (economy-class) between the place of work of a fellow and Sapporo. Fellows are welcome to bring their family, but at their own expense. Fellows must pay shipping and customs clearance charges for their own luggage.
  2. A living allowance of around 460,000 - 500,000 yen per month (subject to change). (Please be aware that the sum of taxation on your income in Japan will depend on whether a Tax Treaty exists between Japan and your country. The treaty will help you avoid double taxation.)
  3. Accommodation (either a flat in the University’s Foreign Scholars’ Residence or a furnished flat outside the University campus). The availability of a flat in the University’s Foreign Scholars’ Residence depends on the period of stay and it is rather difficult to find a University's flat for visiting fellows who arrive at Sapporo on June-July with their families. In both cases you will have to pay monthly rent.
  4. Gas, electricity, water, heating and telephone must be paid separately at the university resident (the University’s Foreign Scholars’ Residence has a poor condition for internet connection), but they are included in the case of the flat outside the campus.
  5. A travel allowance for daily commuting to and from the Center.
  6. An office at the Center (with the use of a personal computer) and access to all the University and library facilities. No secretarial service is provided.
  7. The visiting scholar must subscribe to social insurance (health insurance) and pension. The insurance will pay 70% of your medical expenses.
  8. 8. The visiting scholar is free during the planned period of stay at the SRC to engage in a limited amount of travel for professional purposes within Japan. Foreign travel must be approved by the director in accordance with the regulations.

The above-mentioned conditions are preliminary and changes may occur when the details of the program are finally determined.




Fellows have the following obligations to the Center:

  1. The Center will expect fellows to give at least two presentations at academic meetings held at SRC or outside SRC but in Japan.
  1. The Center will further expect fellows to contribute an article during or immediately after their stay in Sapporo to the Center’s international refereed journal Acta Slavica Iaponica on a subject within the broad confines of Slavic and Eurasian studies.

The visiting scholar is also expected to give lectures to graduates students, actively join seminars and symposia, and collaborate with the SRC research fellows.


3.Applications and References


Applicants should submit applications for this program by the deadline (October 21, 2015). Applications can be sent by e-mail.


Downloadable application form 2016-2017 ( pdf / word )


Each applicant is expected to have at least two letters of reference sent directly to the Center: one letter from the institution to which the applicant is attached, testifying that he or she will be free during the period of the stay in Sapporo, and another confidential letter from a recognized specialist in their field.
It is the responsibility of applicants to make sure that letters of reference should arrive at the Center by the deadline.
Referees can send their signed letters either by post or by e-mail.




The selection will be conducted in two stages:
In the first stage the SRC makes a list of candidates of foreign fellows after carefully examining the applicants’ research plans, academic publications, possible contributions to the SRC’s projects and other factors. Preference is given to those who have both permanent academic positions and PhD degrees (or their equivalents).
The list will be submitted to the University’s special selection committee by the end of November. In the second stage the University’s committee decides the final list of foreign fellows and the selection result will be informed to the SRC in January next year.




Applicants will be informed about the result of the first stage of the selection process in December 2015.
The SRC will inform all candidates about the final result of the selection in January or February 2016.



Correspondence concerning this program should be addressed to:
Head, Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program
Professor Rihito Yamamura / Ms Mika Osuga
Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University
Kita-9, Nishi-7, Kita-ku, Sapporo 060-0809, Japan
Tel.:  (+81) 11-706-2388
Fax. : (+81) 11-706-4952

*Information about the SRC is available through the Internet: