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From January 30 through February 2, 2002
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January 30, 2002
15:00-17:00: Keynote Speech

Ivan KOROTCHENYA (Executive Secretary of the CIS in 1992-1998)

"Итоги децятилетней деятельности СНГ"

SUZUKI Yuji (Hosei Univ.)

"A Search of Post-Authoritarian Regime - Ten Years after the Cold War in Asia"
Chair: SHIMOTOMAI Nobuo (Hosei Univ.)
17:30- Beer Reception (Room 328 of the SRC)
January 31, 2002
9:30-12:00: Session 1 "A New Iron Curtain between Europe and Eurasia? Differentiating 'New Eastern Europe'"

Vyacheslav NOSEVICH (Belarusian Research Center of Electronic Records)

"Transformation of the Population Structure in the Belarusian Countryside in the 2nd half of the 20th Century"

Valentin YAKUSHIK (University of Kiev-Mohyla Academy)

"Post-Communist Patrimony in Ukraine (the State-Clans-Parties)"


"The Last Bastion of Unitarism? Local Reforms and Party Politics in Lithuania 1990-2001"
Discussants: HAYASHI Tadayuki (SRC);YOSHINO Etsuo (Hokkaido Univ.)
Chair: TABATA Shinichiro(SRC)
12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-15:30: Session 2-1 "Sub-regional Governance and Elites under Transition: an Attempt at Political Sociology"

Zdenka VAJDOVA (Institute of Sociology, Prague)

"Cooperation as a Tool of Urban Policy during the Period of Deficiency (1990-1998)"

Dmitry SELITSER (Tambov State Univ.)

" Полигон назначений и выборов: политическая трансформация и субрегиональная элита
Тамбовской области в позднее советское и постсоветское время
Discussants: UENO Toshihiko (Sophia Univ., Tokyo); SATO Yukino(Tohoku Univ.)
Chair: UDA Fumio (Sophia Univ., Tokyo)
13:30-15:30: Session 2-2 "Russian Intellectual Heritage: V. I. and G. V. Vernadskys"

Nikolai BOLKHOVITINOV (Institute of General History, Moscow/ SRC)


KAJI Masanori (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

"Vladimir Vernadsky and Geochemistry: the Formation of New Scientific Discipline and the Society"
Discussants: KURIUZAWA Takeo (Hokkaido Univ.); OHSUKA Fumikazu (Yokohama National University)
Chair: NAKAMURA Yoshikazu (Kyoritsu Women's Univ.)
15:45-17:45: Session 3 "CIS: Transformation in Ten Years"

SUEZAWA, Megumi (Japan Institute of International Affairs)

"Falling Apart or Coming Together? Processes of Decentralization and Integration in the CIS"

XING Guangcheng (Institute of East European, Russian & Central Asian Studies, Beijing/ SRC)

"Проблема безопастности и Шанхайская организация сотрудничества"
Discussants: YOKOTE Shinji (Keio Univ.); IWASHITA Akihiro (SRC)
Chair: KIMURA Hiroshi (International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
18:00-20:00: Reception at Hotel Dynasty
February 1, 2002
10:00-12:00: Session 4 "Religious Revival and Collective Memory in the Former Soviet Union"

Levon ABRAHAMIAN (Institute of Archaeology & Ethnography, Yerevan/ SRC)

"Fighting with Memory and Monuments in the Post-Soviet Space"

Evgeniy ABDULLAEV (National Human Rights Center, Uzbekistan/ Yokohama National Univ.)

"Central Asian Integration and Islamic Revivalism"
Discussants: KITAGAWA Seiichi (Tohoku Univ.); UYAMA Tomohiko (SRC)
Chair: HAKAMADA Shigeki (Aoyama Gakuin Univ.)
12:00-13:30: Lunch Break
13:30-15:30: Session 5 "Different Approaches to Russia's Economic Crisis"

Stefan HEDLUND (University of Uppsala/ SRC)

"Can They Go Back and Fix It? Reflections on Some Historical Roots of Russia's Current Economic Troubles"

SHIOBARA, Toshihiko (Kochi University)

"A 'Marxian' Review of the Current Russian Economy"
Discussants: NISHIMURA Yoshiaki (Hitotsubashi Univ.); OHSAWA Masachi (Kyoto Univ.)
Chair: TABATA Shinichiro (SRC)
15:45-17:45: Session 6 "Interrelations between the Central and Eastern European Transition Economies and the World Economy"

Petr PAVLINEK (University of Nebraska/ SRC)

"Foreign Capital Driven Car Industry Restructuring in Central and Eastern Europe"

WATANABE Hiroshi (Japan Association for Trade with Russia & Central-Eastern Europe)

"Exchange Rate Policy and a Course of a Transition Economy in Central-Eastern Europe: A Case Study of Poland"
Discussants: FUJIKAWA Tetsuma (Sumitomo Trust & Banking Co.); UEGAKI Akira (Seinan Gakuin Univ.)
Chair: YAMAMURA Rihito (SRC)
February 2, 2002
10:00- Cultural Program (only for invited foreign guests)
10:00-17:00 Post-Symposium Seminar on Russia's Integration into the World Economy (mainly in Japanese and for Japanese participants.)