2005 Winter International Symposium at Slavic Research Center
〈CEE-Japan Forum for the 21st Century〉
Cosponsored by EU Institute in Japan (EUIJ)
in Japanese
Regions in Central and Eastern Europe: Past and Present
on 14 (Wed.) -16 (Fri.) December 2005
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At Room 423, Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sapporo
December 14 (Wednesday)

15:30-17:30 Session 1 : Regions in Europe in the Globalizing World
Pertti Joenniemi (Danish Institute for International Studies)

Regionalisation as Europe-Making: The Case of Europe's North

Džemal Sokolović  (University of Bergen)

Politics and Society in the Modern Era in the Balkans: Global and Regional Context
Discussant: Hiroshi Momose  (Professor Emeritus of Tsuda College)
Taro Tsukimura (Kobe University)
Tadayuki Hayashi (Hokkaido University)

December 15 (Thursday)

9:30-12:00 Session 2: Polish Rzeczpospolita (Res Publica): Its Spatial Representation
Satoshi Koyama  (Kyoto University)

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth as a political space: its unity and complexity

Jacek Purchla  (International Cultural Centre, Krakow)

Małopolska or Galicia. Cracow’ Dilemmas in Central Europe

Jiří Vykoukal  (Charles University)

Polish reflection of Russia: development and structure
Discussant: Tokimasa Sekiguchi   (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Takeo Kuryuzawa  (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Mochizuki  (Hokkaido University)

Lunch Break

13:30-15:30 Session 3: Regional Concepts and Locus of Nation
Tadayuki Hayashi  (Hokkaido University)

Masaryk's “Central Europe” or “Eastern Europe” during World War I

Keiko Mitani  (Kyoto University)

Balkan as a Sign: Usage of  Balkan in Language and Discourse of the ex-Yugoslav Peoples
Discussant: Susumu Nagayo  (Waseda University)
Jiří Homoráč (Tokyo University of Freign Studies)
Osamu Ieda (Hokkaido University)

15:45-17:45 Session 4: Rethinking the Baltic Region in Historical and Political Contexts
Eiki Berg  (University of Tartu)

Where East Meets the West? Baltic States in Search of New Identity

Sonoko Shima  (Showa Women's University)

Dimensions and Geopolitical Diversity of the "Baltics"
Discussant: Daisuke Furuya   (Osaka University of Foreign Studies)
Miho Oshima  (Tsuda College)
Kimitaka Matsuzato  (Hokkaido University)

 Reception at Sapporo Aspen Hotel

December 16 (Friday)

9:30-12:00 Session 5: Space and Territoriality in Literary and Historical Imagination
Daniel Vojtech  (Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences)

The “Change in the Spirit of the Times” and the Decline of the Old World: A Czech Point of View

Taku Shinohara  (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Historical Consciousness and Civil Ethics: Debating the “Painful Past” and Reviving "Central Europe" among Dissident Circles in the 1980s

Mitsuyoshi Numamo  (University of Tokyo)

Is There Such a Thing as Central (East) European Literature? An Attempt to Reconsider “Central European” Consciousness on the Basis of  Contemporary Literature
Discussant: Satoshi Hashimoto  (Hokkaido University)
Tetsuo Mochizuki  (Hokkaido University)
Fumio Uda  (Sophia University)

Lunch Break

13:30-15:30 Session 6: The Lost History and Territorial Perceptions
Jun Yoshioka  (Tsuda College)

Imagining Their Lands as Ours: Place-Name Changes on Ex-German Territories in Poland after World War II

Alexander Sergunin  (Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University)

Discussant: Takayuki Ito   (Waseda University)
Kimitaka Matsuzato  (Hokkaido University)
Teruyuki Hara  (Hokkaido University)

15:45-17:45 Session 7: Nationalizing Territory and Territorializing Nation
Antonis Liakos  (University of Athens)

Historical Time and National Space in Modern Greece

Tatsuya Nakazawa (University of Fukui)

Slovak Nation as a Corporate Body
Discussant: Osamu Ieda    (Hokkaido University)
Tomohiko Uyama  (Hokkaido University)
Tadayuki Hayashi  (Hokkaido University)

Tadayuki HAYASHI

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