The Caucasus and its Inhabitants between Russia and Middle East:
Reactions and Reflections for the Sake of Religion and State
Co-organized by NIHU Program Islamic Area Studies (TIAS)

Date: 2008/01/26(Sat.)

Place: (University of Tokyo)
*Update January 22
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Opening Session (Chair: MAEDA Hirotake, SRC)

MATSUZATO Kimitaka (SRC), KOMATSU Hisao (University of Tokyo)
MAEDA Hirotake (SRC)
Opening Lecture:
Ronald Grigor Suny (The University of Michigan)

Caucasia as a Civilization
SHIOKAWA Nobuaki (University of Tokyo)

Session A: Russian Advancement to the Caucasian Space (Chair: MATSUZATO Kimitaka)

Sean Pollock (Columbia University)

Friend and Foe: Religion and Subjecthood in the Caucasus in the Reign of Catherine II

MAEDA Hirotake

Mamluk Became a Translator and a Translator Became a Mamluk: Mamluk System and its Legacy in the 19th century
KITAGAWA Seiichi (Tohoku University)

Session B: Caucasian Islam and the Legacy of the Imperial Authority (Chair: KOMATSU Hisao)

Vladimir Bobrovnikov (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow)

MAKING ORTHODOX MUSLIM CLERGY IN IMPERIAL BORDERLANDS: A Comparative Study of North Caucasus and Transcaucasia in the Late Tsarist and Soviet Periods (a tentative version)
[outline and conclusion]

Michael Kemper (University of Amsterdam)

Sufism and Islamic Learning in the Late Imperial and Early Soviet Periods: Some Research Questions on Continuity and Change, or: The Alimjan Syndrome (revised version, January 22)

MIYAZAWA Eiji (Sophia University)

Transformation of Local Knowledge among Circassians in Turkey: Some Effects of Revitalised Contacts with Homeland
Anke Von Kügelgen (Univeristy of Bern)

Session C: The Making of a Caucasian Space: Imagined “National State” (Chair: AKIBA Jun, Chiba University)

YOSHIMURA Takayuki (University of Tokyo)

The Making of a "Fatherland" --- the modern Armenian nationhood after WWI

Michael Reynolds (Princeton University)

Buffers or Brethren: Young Turk Military Policy in World War One and the Myth of Panturanism (The title was changed.)

Thornike Gordadze (French Institute for Anatolian Studies)

Georgian Nationalism under Soviet Rule: Actors, New Trends, Hegemonic Transactions
IKEDA Yoshiro (Niigata University of International and Information Studies)
FUJINAMI Nobuyoshi (University of Tokyo)

Closing Remarks:
IEDA Osamu (SRC, COE program’s director)

18:00 Reception: Sanjo Kaikan

The working language of this symposium is English.
Everyone wishes to attend is kindly requested to contact following address and previously be registered.

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