Slavic-Eurasian Research Center 2014 Winter International Symposium

Border Power!
Crosscutting Forces at Play in Eurasia

December 4–5, 2014


Venue: Room 403, Slavic-Eurasian Research Center (SRC), Hokkaido University, Sapporo, Japan

Common working language: English  

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  Organizer: Slavic-Eurasian Research Center, Hokkaido University
  Co-Organizer: JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A, “Reconstructing International Relations through Border Studies”
Hokkaido International Exchange and Cooperation Center (HIECC)
The TOYOTA Foundation "Post-Catastrophe Cultural Psychotherapy: Lessons from Chernobyl and Fukushima"
JSPS Japan-Finland Bilateral Research Project “Russia’s final energy frontier - Sustainability challenges of the Russian Far North”
JSPS Program for Responding to the Real Society,"Border Tourism: Border Studies for Community Development"
Japan Consortium for Area Studies



 Dec 4, 2014
Opening Remarks: 9:10-9:20
  Opening Session: 9:20-10:20 The Political Geography of Borders
  Keynote Speaker: Sergey GOLUNOV (SRC)
“Practical Relevance as an Issue for the Contemporary Border Studies”
  Moderator: YAMAZAKI Takashi (Osaka City University)
  Session I: 10:30-12:45 Border Tourism: Northeast Asia & Middle East
Papers: HANAMATSU Yasunori (Kyushu University)
“Developing Tsushima-Busan Tour: First Model of Border Tourism in Japan”
YANG Cheng (China East Normal University)
“Do National Policies Contribute to Cross-border Tourism Cooperation?: An Analysis of the Great Transformation of the Sino-Russian Tourism Interaction in the Post-Soviet Era”
TAKAMATSU Kuniko (Hokkaido University)
“Community Based Tourism as a Potential Tool for Reducing the Impact of Borders in the Occupied Territories: Tourism Activity Initiatives by Local Communities in Palestine”
SHIM Sang Jin (Kyonggi University, Korea)
“Suspension or What? : Geo-political Border Landscape and Tourism Development (The Case of Mt. Geumgang Project) ” (co-authored by Anne H.J. Lee)
Moderator &
KAWAKUBO Fuminori (Chuo Gakuin University)
    12:45-14:00 Lunch
  Session II: 14:00-16:00 Moving People around Catastrophe: Incentive and Consequence
Papers: ASANO Toyomi (Chukyo University)
“Indigenous Origins of the Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations: Governor Morie Kimura and Migration in Fukushima”
Dávid KARÁCSONYI (Geographical Institute, Hungary)
“Chernobyl ‘Zone’ - Demographic Trajectories After the Nuclear Disaster”
Commentator: SHINOHARA Taku (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)
Moderator: IEDA Osamu (SRC)
  Session III: 16:15-18:15 Borders Make Area Studies (Round table)
  Speakers: HACHIYA Machiko (Kyushu University)
TAMURA-TSUJI Keiko (The University of Kitakyushu)
YAMANE So (Osaka University)
Krishnendra MEENA (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India)
CHIDA Tetsuro (SRC)
  Moderator: IWASHITA Akihiro (SRC)
19:00-20:30 Reception at Sapporo Aspen Hotel
 Dec. 5, 2014
  Session schedule has been Changed ! (November 4)
  Session IV: 10:00-12:00 Socio-Economic Impacts of the Northern Sea Route: Perspective of Norway, Russia and Japan
  Paper: Rune RAFAELSEN (Norwegian Barents Secretariat)
“The Northern Sea Route: Geopolitical Impact”
Vladimir SEMENOV (Central Marine Research and Design Institute, Russia)
“IMO Future Polar Code, Rules of Navigation in the Water Area of the Northern Sea Route: Issues Awaiting Settlement”
OTSUKA Natsuhiko (North Japan Port Consultants Co., Ltd.)
“Northern Sea Route, its Feasibility and Current Status”
  Commentator: OHNISHI Fujio (Nihon University)
  Moderator: TABATA Shinichiro (SRC)
  12:00-13:15 Lunch
  Session V: 13:15-15:15 Borders Reshape International Relations on Russia
Papers: Mikhail ALEXEEV (San Diego State University, USA)
“Blocs, States, and Borders: Explaining Territorial Status Quo and Revisionism in Russian Foreign Policy”
Marek MENKISZAK (The Center for Eastern Studies, Poland)
“Borders in Flux: Ukraine as a Case Study of Russia's Approach to Its Borders”
ZHAO Huasheng (Fudan University, China)
“Sino-Russian Cooperation in Central Asia and the Far East”
Commentator: KATO Mihoko (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Keio University)
Moderator: David WOLFF (SRC)
  Session VI: 15:30-17:30 Making a New Order in Eurasia: Soviet Interwar Diplomacy Seen from Inside and Outside
  Papers: MIYAZAKI Haruka (Hokkaido University of Education)
“The USSR Foreign Policy Seen from Poland: On E. Romer, ‘The Great Statistical and Geographical Atlas of Poland’ (1921)”
Yaroslav SHULATOV (Hiroshima City University)
“Soviet Russia at the Far East: New and Old Approaches in Foreign Policy”
Alexandr LIVSHIN (Moscow State University, Russia)
“Public Mood and Soviet Foreign Policy in 1920s: The Issue of Trust”
  Commentator: IKEDA Yoshiro (The University of Tokyo)
  Moderator: NAGANAWA Norihiro (SRC)
  Dec. 6, 2014
    Field Trip in Yoichi and Otaru

Organizing Committee:
IWASHITA Akihiro, CHIDA Tetsuro