Slavic Research Center (SRC)

Russian Culture on the Threshold of a New Century
July 12 15, 2000


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Opening Forum 

July 12th (Wed.) 18:00-20:00 (Clark Memorial Hall, Hokkaido University)

Introduction Tetsuo Mochizuki (Chief Organizer of the Symposium, SRC)
Opening Speech Takashi Murakami (Director of SRC)

Voice from Russia

Dmitrii Prigov (Poet)

Coordinator: Eduard Vlasov (Hokkaido Intellectual Tank)

Translator: Yuki Yoshioka

Russian Culture from East and West  
Karl Eimermacher (Iu. Lotman Institute, Ruhr University)

Masao Yamaguchi (Sapporo University)

Coordinator: Mitsuyoshi Numano (Tokyo University)


Sessions (All in SRC building: Papers are preferably in Russian, but English can also be used)

July 13th (Thur.) 9:30-17:30

Session 1 The New Paradigm of Russian Culture 9:30-11:30 Room 423

Speaker Karl Eimermacher (Iu. Lotman Institute, Ruhr University) 
The Change of Paradigms in Russian Culture (1987-1997)
Speaker Dmitrii Prigov (Artist, poet) 
The Completion of the Four Major European Socio-Cultural Projects
Speaker Peeter Torop (University of Tartu)
New Paradigm of Culture and / as a New Paradigm of Describing Culture: The Russian Aspect 
Discussant Hajime Kaizawa (Waseda University)
Chairperson  Koichi Inoue (SRC)

 Session 2-1 Possibilities of the Novel 13:00-15:00 Room423

Speaker Boris Lanin (Russian Academy of Education, SRC) 
Transformation of  Histry in Modern Russian Literature
Speaker Kyoko Numano (Tokyo University of  Foreign Languages) 
Toward creation of a New Myth - "Women's literature" now
Speaker Ikuo Kameyama (Tokyo University of  Foreign Languages) 
Terror against the Text or the Text of  Terror:
Toward the Problems of the Body in V.Sorokin's Linterature 
Discussant Kumi Mouri (Tokyo University)
Chairperson  Tsuneko Mochizuki (Hokkaido University)

Session 2-2 Various Aspects of Contemporary Russian Music 13:00-15:00 Room328

Speaker Masami Suzuki (Wakkanai Hokusei Gakuen University) 
Sergei Kuryokhin and the Avant-garde Music: 1980-90
Speaker Masayuki Yasuhara (Yamaguchi University) 
Galina Ustvol'skaia and Russian Music
Speaker Norio Umezu (Tokyo University) 
Shostakovich and Shnittke
Chairperson  Yuichi Isahaya (Doshisha University)

 Session 3 Visual art and Culture 15:15-17:15 Room423

Speaker  Vladilen Arsen'ev (NTV-kino, Russia) 
Movie in Russia - 99/2000: After the Tragedy
Television in Contemporary Russia (Two papers)
Speaker  Shusei Nishi (Ph.D in art sciences (VGIK))
 Russian Film after Perestroika
Discussant Mitsuyoshi Numano (Tokyo University)
Chairperson  Fumio Uda (Jochi University)

Banquet 18:00 - 20:00 Aspen Hotel, Sapporo


*          *         *         *         * 

July 14th (Fri.) 9:30-17:30

Session 4 Words in Performance 9:30-11:30 Room 423

Speaker Kumi Tateoka (Kobe University) 
The Transformation of Words: Theater Performance as the Alienation of the Play's Verbal Structure
Speaker Valerii Gretchko (Ruhr University, SRC)
Avant-garde Performances of their Language Philosophy : presentation of sounds
Speaker Tetsuo Mochizuki (SRC)
Playing with the Classics: Dostoevsky in Contemporary Literature
Discussant Akifumi Takeda (Toyama University)
Chairperson  Kaori Kawabata (Kawamura Gakuen Women's University)

Session 5-1 Literature in the New Informational Environment 13:00-15:00 Room423

Speaker Eduard Vlasov (HIT, Sapporo) 
On the Concept of Multimedia Commentary on Literary Texts
Speaker Vadim Smolensky (Aizu University) 
Russian Net-Literature
Chairperson  Junichi Suzuki (Sapporo University)

Session 5-2 Symbolism and the Philosophy of  Language 13:00-15:00 Room328

Speakers Fumikazu Osuka (Tokyo University of Foreign Languages), 
Takashi Kibe (Tokyo Univ. of Foreign Languages)
Transformation of the Consept of  "Symbol" and "Linguistic Turn" in the Philosophy of G.G. Shpet and A.F.Losev
Speakers Satoshi Kitami (Waseda University), 
Nobuaki Kakinuma (Tokyo University)
Foundations of the Concept of  <<symbol>> by A.Belyi and Viach. Ivanov 
Discussant Vladimir Zhdanov (Sapporo University)
Discussant Hiroshi Nishinakamura (Tokyo University)
Chairperson  Shuichi Sugiura (Hokkaido University)

 Session 6 Russia and Asia 15:15-17:15 Room423

Speaker Alexander Genis (USA,Critic, Radio Liberty) 
Photograph in  the Soul: The Eastern Strategy of Contemporary Literature 
Speaker Stanislav Lakoba (Abkhazian Institute for Humanitarian Research,SRC) 
Khlebnikov and Asia
Speaker Tadashi Nakamura (Yamagata University) 
Caucasus in Contemporary Russian Literary Journals
Chairperson  Takashi Kimura (Kyoto University)


*          *         *         *         * 

July 15th (Sat.) Excursion  9:00-17:00