in Japanese


Transformation and Diversification of Rural Societies 
in Eastern Europe and Russia

on July 11-14, 2001

At the Slavic Research Center, Hokkaido University, Sapporo(all in Room 423)

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Wednesday, 11th July

13:15-15:15   Pre-Session: Russian Communities in the Asian-Pacific Region (in Russian)
Presenter: Yuliya V. Argudyaeva (Institute of History, Archaeology and Ethnography, Russia) 

"Colony of Russian Orthodox and Old Believers in Manchuria"

Nikolai N. Bolkhovitinov (Institute of General History, Russia)

"Russian Colonization in Alaska"
Chair:  Inoue, Koichi (SRC)
Commentator:  Sakamoto, Hideaki (Tenri University, Japan); Hara, Teruyuki (SRC)
15:30-17:30   Session 1: Rural Russia in a Historical Perspective (in English)
Presenter: Ilia V. Gerasimov (Executive Editor, International Quarterly Ab Imperio, Russia)

"A Little-Known Project of Public Modernization of Russian Countryside: The New Generation of Russian Intelligentsia and the New Peasantry, 1907-1917"

Yoshida, Hiroshi (Okayama University, Japan) 

"Russian Peasant Customary Law as Representations"
Chair:  Wada, Haruki (Emeritus Professor, Tokyo University, Japan)
Commentator:  Choi, Jaedong (Rikkyo University, Japan); Matsumura, Takeshi (Akita Keizaihoka University, Japan)

Thursday, 12th July

9:45-11:45   Session 2: Rural Russia in Transformation (in English)
Presenter: Zemphira I. Kalugina (Institute of Economics and Industrial Engineering, Siberian Branch of RAS, Russia) 

"Rural Transformation in Russia: Inconsistencies and Results"

David J. O'Brien (Missouri University, USA) 

"Household Capital and Structural Change in Employment and Income in Rural Russia from 1991-1999"
Chair:  Minagawa, shugo(Aichi  Shukutoku University, Japan)
Commentator:  Nobe, Koichi (Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Japan); Hirooka, Naoko (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Japan)
11:45-13:15   Lunch Break
13:15-15:15   Session 3: Structural Change in Rural Hungary (in English)
Presenter: Katalin Kovacs (Center for Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Hungary) 

"Agricultural Restructuring and Its Impacts on Rural Society in Hungary"

Ieda, Osamu (SRC, Hokkaido University, Japan) 

"Re-Transformation of Collective Farms and Rural Society in Hungary"
Chair:  Hayashi, Tadayuki (SRC)
Commentator:  Tsuboi, Nobuhiro (Tsukuba University, Japan); Osanami, Fumio (Hokkaido University, Japan)
13:15-15:15   Session 4: Re-Thinking on Russian Agricultural Development (in English)
Presenter: Kojima, Shuichi (Konan University, Japan) 

"Kondrat'ev's View of the Russian Agricultural Development:A Preliminary Note"

Yamamura, Rihito (SRC, Hokkaido University, Japan) 

"New Phase of Post-Socialist Structural Changes in Russian Agriculture (tentative)"
Chair:  Matsuzato, Kimitaka (SRC)
Commentator:  Ilia V. Gerasimov; Hizen, Eiichi (Teikyo University, Japan)
18:00-20:00   Reception (at Aspen Hotel)

Friday, 13th July

9:45-11:45   Session 5: Diversification of Agriculture in Eastern Europe (in English)
Presenter: Gejza Blaas (Research Institute of Agricultural Economy, Slovakia) 

"Is Completion of Agricultural Reforms in Central and East European Countries Conditional on the Move to a Family Farm?"

Yoshino, Etsuo (Hokkaido University, Japan) 

"Polish Agriculture - Today and Future "
Chair:  Yoshiaki, Nishimura(Hitotsubashi University,Japan)
Commentator:  Gemma, Masahiko (Waseda University, Japan); Sato, Yukino (Tohoku University, Japan)
11:45-13:15   Lunch Break
13:15-15:15   Session 6: Rural Enlargement toward East and West (in English)
Presenter: Klaus Fruhberg (IAMO, Halle University, Germany) 

"The Rural Economies in the EU-Accession Countries:
Do EU  Agricultural and Structural Policies Need to Be Adjusted?"

Tomas Doucha (Research Institute of Agricultural Economy, The Czech Republic) 

"Agriculture and Rural Development in the Czech Republic: History, Visions, Reality"
Chair:  Yamamura, Rihito (SRC)
Commentator:  Korenaga, Tohiko (Utsunomiya University, Japan); Sato, Masanori (Tohoku University, Japan)
15:30-17:00   Session 7: Round Table on Future of Rural Society in Slavic Eurasia  (in English)
Panelists: David J. O'Brien; Tomas Doucha; Yamamura, Rihito
Chair: Ieda, Osamu

Saturday, 14th July

Gathering Place:  In front of Faculty of Economics
Departure Time: 9:00AM, July 14, Saturday
10:00-11:00: "Osatsu" Frontier Farm (Chitose city); one of the largest vegetable farms of hothouse system in Japan
11:30-12:30: Kirin Brewery, Chitose factory
12:30-14:00: Lunch at the brewery's restrant
15:00-17:00: Lake Shikotsu (sight-seeing and hot spring)
18:30: Hotel Aspen
Fee: 1,000 Yen (not including lunch)

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