International Summer Symposium for 1997
(July 16-18 1997)

"Quest for Models of Coexistence:

National and Ethnic Dimensions of Changes in the Slavic Eurasian World"

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We are going to hold an annual summer symposium from 16 to 18 of July 1997 at the Slavic Research Center, titled "Quest for Models of Coexistence: National and Ethnic Dimensions of Changes in the Slavic Eurasian World".

On this occasion we plan to present and discuss on various aspects of national and ethnic issues in order that several models of coexistence might eventually be attained.

Cessions are to be organized along the following topics:
coexistence of nationalities; politology of coexistence; imperium models of coexistence; language and nationalities issues; nationalities questions in Central Asia; region and identity; environment issues.

There will be organized also a special panel on the comparative analysis of the Slavic and Chinese transfigurations in transition.
Contact : Prof. Koichi Inoue Tel.: 011-706-3158 Fax.: 011-706-4952

Preliminary Program

July 17 (Thursday)

Opening Speech: 9:20-9:30

Koichi INOUE

Session1: 9:30-11:30

Coexistence of Nationalities

Boris P.CHICHLO(CNRS,France) "Коренные народы Сибири и Россия: Особенности отношений"
Henry STUART(Showa woman's Univ.) "Models of Co-existence: A View from the Canadian Situation"

Sachiko HATANAKA(Chubu Univ.)
Tohru KANEKO(Chiba Univ.)

Lunch Break: 11:30-13:00

Session 2: 13:00-15:00

Politics of Coexistence

Vilmos AGOSTON(Writer,Hungary;SRC) "The Transylvanian Mind: Ambiguity of Ethnic Identities and Conflict Resolution"
Taro TSUKIMURA(Kobe Univ.) "Politics of Ethnic Coexistence: Internal Division and External Pressure in Eastern Europe"

Discussants:Kazuo NAKAI(TOKYO Univ.)
Susumu NAGAYO(Waseda Univ.)

Coffee Break: 15:00-15:30

Session 3: 15:30-17:30

Language and Nationality Questions

Mordechai ALTSHULER(Hebrew Univ.,Israel;SRC)
"Some Soviet and Post-Soviet National and Linguistic Problems in the Slavic Republics (States): Russia, Ukraine, Belorus "
Alfred F.MAJEWICZ(Adam Mickiewicz Univ./Poznan/;SRC)
"Minority Language Preservation Strategies and Minority-related Conflict-evasion Policy Suggestions for Eastern Europe and for Siberia"

Nobuaki SHIOKAWA(Tokyo Univ.)
Masaru SATO(Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

Reception: 18:00- (At Aspen Hotel)

July 18 (Friday)

Session 4: 9:30-11:30

Coexistence in Russian Empire

Volodymyr POTULNYTSKYJ(Inst.of Archeography,Ukraine;SRC)  "The Image of Russia and the Russians in Ukrainian Political Thought (1860-1945) "
Boris MIRONOV "The Price of Expansion: The Nationality Problem in Russia of the Eighteenth-Early Twentieth Centuries"

Takashi KIMURA(Kyoto Univ.)

Lunch Break: 11:30-13:00

Session 5-A: 13:00-15:00

Region and Identity:Central Asia

Anver GALIEV(Inst.of Orietal Studies,Kazakhstan;SRC) "Traditional Institutions in Modern Kazakhstan"
Geoffrey JUKES(Mideast and Central Asian Research Center,Australia) "Race, Religion, Ethnicity and Economics in Central Asia"

Tomohiko UYAMA(SRC)
Bakhtior ISLAMOV(Tohoku Univ.)

Session 5-B:

Region and Identity:Siberia

Vadim TURAEV(Inst.of History,Archeology&Ethnography of the Peoples of the Far East,Vladivostok,Russia)
 "Территориальный подход к решению этнических проблем на российском Дальнем Востоке"
Shiro SASAKI(National Museum of Ethnology)
 "Segmentary Hierarchy of Identity: The Case of Yakuts and Evens in Northern Yakutia"

Discussants:Boris P.CHICHLO(CNRS)
Alfred F.MAJEWICZ(Adam Mickiewicz Univ.)

Coffee Break: 15:00-15:30

Session 6: 15:30-17:30

Deteriorated Environment and Coexistence

Masami FUKUDA(Hokkaido Univ.) "Radioactive and Other Hazardous Contamination in Arctic Siberia"
Bakhtior ISLAMOV(TOHOKU UNIV.) "Aral Sea Catastrophe: Case for National, Regional and International Cooperation"

Shinji SAITO(Nagoya City Univ.)
Miwa ITO(Hosei Univ.)

July 19 (Saturday)