SRC International Symposium

Regions :
a Prism to View the Slavic Eurasian World

Towards a Discipline of "Regionology"

(July 22 - 25, 1998)
In Japanese
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The Slavic Research Center organizes an international symposium each summer. This year it will be held under the title, "Regions - a mirror reflecting the Slavic Eurasian World," from July, 22 -25, 1998. This symposium will be inter-disciplinary, out of seven planned panels, one will be dedicated to literature, two -- to political science, two - to history, one - to sociology, and one -to economics.


July 22 (Wed.)

13:00-15:30 Central Asian in Transition
-Pre-Symposium to the 1998 Slavic Research Center Summer Symposium-
  • Lobbyism and Pressure Groups in Kazakhstan: Past and Present (in Russian)
    by Askar Shomanov (Institute for Development of Kazakhstan)
  • The Gas Problem in the Caspian Region (in Russian)
    by Najia Badykova (National Institute of Statistics and Forecast,Turkmenistan)
  • The Kyrgyzstan Economy:Latest Developments and Policies (in English)
    by Kamchybek Omurzakov (Advisor to the Parlianment of the Kyrgyz Republic)
    Place: Slavic Research Center,Room No 423(4th fioor)
16:00-17:30 Commenorative Speech
by I.M. KLYAMKIN (Independent Institute of Sociological Analysis, Russia)

Chair:S.Hakamada(Aoyamagakuin Univ.)

July 23 (Thu.)

9:30-12:00 Session 1 "Civilizational" Approach to Regions
  • N.M. YAKOVENKO (Kievo-Mohylya Academy, Ukraine)
    Early Modern Ukraine between Eurasia and West: Imagination and Reality (in Russian)
  • V.I. SHISHKIN (Institute of History, SB RAS, Russia)
    State Institutions in Siberia. The First Half of the 20 Century
  • T. UYAMA (SRC)
    Geography of Civilizations: A Spatial Analysis of Activities of the Kazakh Intelligentsia, the Mid-19th to the 20th Century
Chair:T.Sakon(Osaka City Univ.)
Discussants:H.Komatsu(Tokyo Univ.);K.Nakai(Tokyo Univ.)

12:00-13:15 Lunch Break

13:15-15:15 Session 2 Regional Sociology
  • M.D. KENNEDY (Michigan University, USA) The Spatial Articulation of Identity and Social Problems: Estonia, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan through Focus Groups
  • S. SONODA (Chuo University) "Soft" Regional Identity in Slovak Communities?: An Impressionalistic Essay in Comparison with China

Discussants:A.Ishikawa(Chuo Univ.); S.Minamizuka(Chiba Univ.)

15:30-18:00 Session 3 Regionalization of Russian Economy
  • P. RUTLAND(Wesleyan University, USA) The Political Economy of Russian Regionalism
  • A. PONOMARENKO (State Committee for Statistics, Russia) Gross Regional Product for Russian Regions: Method of Calculation and First Results
  • S. ROSEFILDE (University of North Carolina, USA) Unlocking Northeast Asia's Development Potential: The Russian Paradox

Chair:A.Uegaki(Seinangakuin Univ.)
Discussants:M.Kuboniwa(Hitotsubashi Univ.); S.Otsu(Kobe Univ.)

18:30-20:30 Reception at Aspen Hotel

July 24 (Fri.)

9:30-12:30 Session 4 Analytical Tools for Regionology
  • A.V. POSTNIKOV (Institute of the History of Natural Science and Technology, RAS, Russia)
    General Trends in the History of the Russian Cartography: The 17-19 Centuries
  • T. HARA (SRC)
    How Siberia was Perceived in Japan?: The 19-20 Centuries
  • C. OBIYA (National Museum of Ethnology)
    Horizons of the Concept of "Aziatskaia Rossiia"

Discussant:J.Schoeberlein(Harvard Univ.)

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-16:00 Session 5 Regions and Political Science
  • S. SPIEGELEIRE (Institute for Security Studies, Western European Union)
    Gulliver's Strings: Russia's Regions and the Rest of the World
  • J.F. YOUNG (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada)
    What Center? What Periphery?: Sakha-Yakutia and Intergovern-mental Relations in Russia
    Progressive North, Conservative South?: Reading the Regional Elite as a Key to Russian Electoral Puzzles

Chair:F.Uda(Sophia Univ.)
Discussants: S.Minagawa(SRC); N.Shimotomai(Hosei Univ.)

16:15-18:15 Session 6 "Cultural" Approach to Regions
  • H.A. JANASZEK-IVANIČKOVÁ(Silesian University, Poland)
    Western Slavs' Regional and National Consciousness in the Light of the Contemporary Essay. Myth and Reality
  • S.I. RYZHENKOV (International Institute for the Humanies and Political Studies, Russia)
    "Golden Ages" of Regions: Mythology and its Exploitation by Regional Administrations (in Russian)

Chair:T.Ito(Waseda Univ.)
Discussants:M.Numano(Tokyo Univ.); S.Ramet(Washington Univ.)

July 25 (Sat.)

10:00-17:00 Excursion to Otaru

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