Shifting Boundaries: The Slavic-Eurasian World Over Three Centuries

January 27-28, 2000
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January 27 (Thur.)

9:30-11:30 Session1: Literature as Political Discourse in Imperial Russia (in English)

Cynthia H. Whittaker(City University of New York)

" Advising the Monarch During the Reign of Catherine II"

Robert L. Belknap (Columbia University)

"Glasnost' During the Reign of Alexander II "
Discussants: Yutaka Takenaka (Osaka University)
Tetsuo Mochizuki (SRC)
Chair: Kaori Kawabata (Chubu University)
13:00-15:00 Session 2-1:Historical Ties Between Russia and Japan (in Russian)

V. M. Markov (Vladivostok Institute of International Relations, Far Eastern State University, Russia)

"Life and Work of St. Nikolai in Japan"

Z. F. Morgun (Oriental Institute, Far Eastern State University, Russia)

"Japanology in the Far Eastern State University in 1920-1930's"

Session 2-2: Round Table: Regional Economy in Russia
15:30-17:30 Session 3: Regional Political Regimes in Russia (in English)

Nail Mukharyamov(Kazan Institute of Thermoenergy)

"The Political Process in Tatarstan: Islamic Factors"

Jeffrey Hahn(Villanova University)

"The Development of Political Institutions within Oblasts: the Yaroslavl Case"
Discussants: Kengo Nagatsuna (Asia University)
Tomohiko Uyama (SRC)
Chair: Fumio Uda (Sophia University)
18:00-20:00 Reception Party(at Sapporo Aspen Hotel)

January 28(Fri.)
9:30-11:30 Session 4-1: The Soviet Youth in the 1920-1930s (in English)

Izabel Tirado(William Paterson University)

"The Komsomol and the End of NEP"

Yasuhiro Matsui(Kagawa University)

"Exit, Voice and Loyalty: The Soviet Youth's Attitudes towards the Stalinist Regime and Policies, 1926-1938"
Discussants: Kimitaka Matsuzato (SRC)
Miyako Mori (Tokyo University)

Session 4-2: Language and Culture in Eastern Europe of Today (in Japanese)
13:00-15:00 Session 5-1: Folklore Tradition in the Russian North (in Russian)

Liu Kui-li(Institute of Ethnic Minorities' Literature, P.R.China)

"Skaziteli(epic singers)and Skazochniki(story tellers)of the Russian North in the Second Half of the 19th Century"

Yuko Kumanoya (Tokyo University)

"Several Aspects in the Performance of Chastushka in the 20th Century
Discussant: Yoshikazu Nakamura(Kyoritsu Women's University)
Chair: Koich Inoue(SRC)

Session 5-2: Security in the Southern Borderlands of the CIS (in English)

Rafis Abazov(La Trobe University)

"Foreign Policy Decision-making in Central Asia: The Case of the Kyrgyz Republic"

Nobuo Miyamoto(NIRA)

"The Future of the Sino-Russian Strategic Cooperation: Multistory Spatial Structure of Diplomacy"
Discussant: Akihiro Iwashita(Yamaguchi Prefectural University)
Naomi Koizumi(National Defense Academy of Japan)
Chair: Hiroshi Kimura(International Research Center for Japanese Studies)
15:30-17:30 Session 6: Balkan Problems of Today (in English)

Ekaterina Nikova(Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgaria)

"Balkan Politics at the End of the 20th Century" Tetsuya Sahara(Tokyo Metropolitan University)
"Oppressive Tendencies Against Minorities and Communist Legacies in the Balkans in the 1990s"
Discussants: Takayuki Ito(Waseda University) Taro Tsukimura(Kobe University)
Chair: Tadayuki Hayashi(SRC)