2011 Archive

  • April 10, SRC Seminar "Язык травмы в рисунках японских военнопленных"[Conference &Seminars](2012.3.27)
  • April 19, Seminar "Yiddish Indefinite Pronouns - in between Slavic and Germanic"[Conference &Seminars](2012.3.22)
  • March 16, ITP Seminar (George Washington Univ.) "Russia’s Energy Policy: Domestic and Foreign Dimensions"[Conference &Seminars](2012.3.13)
  • Report on the Special Seminar ‘From Kashgar to Tibet: Along the Sino-Indian Border Region’[GCOE](2012.3.9)
  • Report on the Border Studies Seminar ‘Nice Bear or Naughty Bear – Images of Russians in Chinese Posters and Cartoons’[GCOE](2012.3.9)
  • March 5, Russian Japanology Seminar (Japan Foundation)[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.28)
  • Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program 2013-2014 [FVFP] (2012.2.27)
  • March 1, ITP Seminar "How to get published in English"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.27)
  • March 8, SRC-Regional Powers Seminar "Литература Сахалина и Курильских островов: поликультурная модель"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.24)
  • March 13, SRC-Regional Powers Seminar "Russia's identity in international relations: images, perceptions, misperceptions" [Conference &Seminars](2012.2.23)
  • March 2, The Regional Powers Studies Workshop"Mobile Peoples and Diasporas as Imperial Legacies"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.23)
  • February 22, SRC-Regional Powers Seminar "Reform of the National Police in the Republic of Georgia since 2003: Causes, Consequences, and Lessons"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.9)
  • February 14, SRC Seminar "Художественное своеобразие "Дневкиков" Николая Японского"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.7)
  • February 16, SRC Seminar "Кыргызстан: стереотипы и реальность. Сравнительный анализ - взгляд из Центральной Азии и России"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.6)
  • International Conference on Complex Exploration of the Ocean and Continental Shelf as a Key Factor of APEC Sustainable Development (by Paul RICHARDSON)[GCOE](2012.2.2)
  • Screening of Indigenous Peoples and Borders at the Pascua Yaqui reservation in Arizona, USA (by MIZUTANI Yuka)[GCOE](2012.2.2)
  • February 3, ITP Harvard Seminar "Violence and Reconciliation around Ethnic Boundariesin the Caucasus Region"[Conference &Seminars](2012.2.2)
  • February 8, ITP Oxford Seminar "Origins, Emergence and Development of Russia’s Multilateralism in the Asia-Pacific Region (1986 – 2012)"[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.12)
  • January 22, Seminar “The End of Empires: Safavid and Ottoman Experiences”[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.12)
  • January 22, Seminar “Policing the Empire”[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.12)
  • January 22, International Workshop “Decolonization and Empires”[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.12)
  • BRIT XII Fukuoka-Busan, Call for Papers (the deadline is April 10)[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.4)
  • January 21, SRC & Regional Powers Seminar "Russia’s Informal Economy and Entrepreneurship"[Conference &Seminars](2012.1.4)