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English News  No.7 , December 1999
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From the Director
Japan's state-run universities, similar to Sapporo's climate, are experiencing a severe chill. As part of a package of measures designed to overhaul the state administration system, Japan's state-run universities face being turned into special "administrative agencies. Hokkaido University is no exception. The Slavic Research Center's future as part of an administrative agency is still unclear.
Nevertheless, the SRC is resolved to weather any "storms," as it engages in routine work and develops joint research projects. This year, as the SRC marks its tenth anniversary as a designated "nationwide coordinating center" we have decided to evaluate the SRC as a whole through outsiders' eyes. A study committee was organized, composed of five Slavic specialists from across Japan. Two types of questionnaire surveys were conducted to learn how the SRC was perceived by the outside world. The assessment process is now under way.
Koichi Inoue

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