List of Foreign Visitors Fellows

(Affiliation at Time of Fellowship)  
Name Research Topic Position, Place of Work
Bekkin, Renat Irikovich When the History Matters Again for Crimean Tatars: Challenged Identities and the Search for the Lost Grounds in Crimea after 2014 Independent scholar
Bohdan, Siarhei Relations Without Obligations': Islamist Iran and the USSR/Russia Research Associate, Department for Interdisciplinary and Multiscalar Area Studies (DIMAS), University of Regensburg (Germany)
Katsman, Roman Melodramatic modality in the Russian-language and Ukrainian-language literature of repatriation and migration in Israel Full Professor, Department of Literature of the Jewish People, Bar-Ilan University (Israel)
Kuokštis, Vytautas The Political Economy of the Lithuanian Growth Puzzle Associate professor and chief researcher, Institute of International Relations and Political Science, Vilnius University (Lithuania)
Nikolayenko, Olena Labor Mobilization in Contemporary Belarus Professor of Political Science and Department Chair, Department of Political Science, Fordham University (USA)
Rouvinski, Vladimir Back to the Future? The Symbolic Politics of Russia in Latin America Professor, Department of Political Studies, Director, Laboratory for Politics and International Relations, Universidad Icesi (Colombia)
Greenberg, Robert David Narratives on Language identity from the Former Yugoslavia to Ukraine: The Impact of War on Language Status and Planning Professor and Dean, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Ilishev, Ildus Gubaidullovich The War in Ukraine as a Delayed Democratization of Russia Deputy Permanent Representative, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary,Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Saudi Arabia
Lipovetsky, Mark Naumovich The Trickster's Moderinity: Narratives of Soviet and Post-Soviet Cynicism Professor, Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Slavic Languages, Columbia University, USA
Plokhii, Serge The International Reaction to the Annexation of the Crimea (2014) Professor, Harvard University, USA
Riabchuk, Mykola Yuri A Return of Geopolitics? Russian War in Ukraine and the Prospects for the New Global Order Principal Research Fellow,Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies, Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine
Tsedendamba, Batbayar Iosif Stalin and ethnic Mongolian territories of the USSR: Buryatia, Kalmykia and Tannu Tuva (1930-1944) Principal Researcher, Institute of History and Ethnology, Mongolian Academy of Sciences, Mongolia
Bojanowska, Edyta Magdalena Chekhov and the Russian Empire in the Post-Sakhalin period Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures (Full) and Chair of the Department of Slavic Languages, Yale University, USA
DeBlasio, Alyssa J. Mapping Contemporary Russian Philosophy Associate Professor of Russian and John B. Parsons Chair in the Liberal Arts & Sciences, Russian Department, Dickinson College, USA
Greenberg, Marc Leland Developing a framework for a historical phonology of BCMS Professor (Full), University of Kansas, USA
Khodarkovsky, Michael Empires of the Steppe: The Russian Empire and its Eurasian Counterparts, 1550s-1900 Professor, Loyola University Chicago, USA
Matasović, Ranko A Typology of Slavic Standard Languages Full Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Zagreb and Fellow of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Croatia
Moon, David Gerard An Environmental History of the Eurasian Steppes Professor (honorary), School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, UK
Zubkov, Kirill Yurievich The institution of censorship and the development of the public sphere in the Russian Empire Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, School of Philological Research, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Russia
2021-2022 *cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
Abdurasulov, Ulfatbek A New Diplomatic History of Persianate Eurasia (17th and 18th Centuries) Post-Doc Fellow, Centre for the Study of Manuscript Cultures, University of Hamburg, Germany
*Olenina, Ana Hedberg Sergei Eisenstein's Theory of Film Spectatorship and the Philosophy of the Proletkul't Assistant Professor, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University, USA
*Osipov, Alexander Gennadievich Ethnic Equality in the Post-Soviet Space: Confronting New Challenges Board Member, Researcher, International Centre for Ethnic and Linguistic Diversity Studies, Czech Rep.
*Zakharov, Sergey Vladimirovich The Revival of Pronatalist Family Policy in 21st Century Russia and in some other CEE countries Deputy Director, Institute of Demography, National Research University – Higher School of Economics, Russia
2020-2021* cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic
*DeBlasio, Alyssa J. Mapping Contemporary Russian Philosophy Associate Professor and Chair of Russian, Dickinson College, USA
*Mälksoo, Lauri Russia and Regional International Law in Eurasia Professor of International Law, University of Tartu, Estonia
*Radchenko, Sergey The First Fiddle: the Kremlin’s Cold War from Stalin to Putin Professor of International Politics, School of Law and Politics, Cardiff University, UK
*Savin, Igor Identity Transformation Factors Among Labor Migrants from Central Asia in Russia Senior Research Fellow, Head of the Sector of Central Asia, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Dobrenko, Evgeny Aleksandrovich Empire of Words: Soviet Multinational Literature and the Imperial Imagination Professor, Head of Department of Russian and Slavonic Studies, University of Sheffield, UK
Garipova, Rozaliya Sharia and the Russian Empire: Family Law and Changing Muslim Legalities in the Volga-Urals Assistant Professor, Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Gorbachov, Yaroslav Vladimirovich Literacy and Schooling in Medieval Novgorod Assistant Professor, Dept. of Linguistics, University of Chicago, USA
Korolov, Gennadii Federalist Projects in East-Central Europe: From Ideological Utopia to Realpolitik Policy (1863-1921) Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History of Ukraine, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Rubins, Maria Silent Voices: Russian-Israeli Writing in the Cultural and Geopolitical Context of the Middle East Professor in Russian and Comparative Literature, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, UK
Abikeyeva, Gulnara Oiratovna Social Modeling of the “Soviet Man” in Central Asia through Literature and Cinema Academic Professor of Design Faculty, KazGASA – Kazakh Leading Academy of Architecture and Design
Waldron, Peter Robert
Russia's First World War: The Advance of the Public Sphere Professor of History, University of East Anglia, UK
Wicherkiewicz, Tomasz Stanisław Scripts, writing systems and orthographies in the sociolinguistics, contact linguistic and language policy studies of the Central-Eastern European Sprachareal University Professor at the Chair of Oriental Studies, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
Jańczak, Jarosław Construction and Deconstruction of Integration Projects’ Borders in Eurasia: The Case of Western and Eastern “Edges” of Russia Associate Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Journalism, Adam Mickiewicz University / European Studies Chair, European University Viadrina
Kuznetcov, Sergey
Russian-Japanese Relations: Diplomacy and Diplomats of XIX-XX Centuries Professor, Department of World History and International Relations, History Faculty, Irkutsk State University
Malikov, Azim “Holy Lineages” in the Turkestan General-governorate (1867-1917): Social and Cultural Transformations Senior Research Fellow, Institute of History of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan
Šipka, Danko Lexical Layers of Slavic Cultural Identity Professor, School of International Letters and Cultures, Arizona State University
Suslov, Mikhail Cross and Cosmodrome: Religious Science Fiction in Contemporary Russian Literature Marie Curie Researcher, Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University
Viktorov, Ilja Russia’s Monetary Power Autonomy and Its Limits Lecturer, Researcher, Department of Economic History, Stockholm University
Aidukaite, Jolanta Welfare State and Social Policy in Central and Eastern Europe Senior Research Fellow, Lithuanian Social Research Centre
Baboš, Pavol
Neoliberalism and Support for Democracy in Post-communist Europe Full-time researcher, Institute for Forecasting, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Belić, Bojan Languages of Vojvodina: What to Expect When You’re a Minority Principal Lecturer, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Washington
Kaczmarski, Marcin The Eurasian Economic Union and the New Silk Road: Between Competition and Cooperation Assistant Professor, Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw
Mitrokhin, Nikolay Pro-Russian Separatism in East and South Ukraine: How “City Freaks” Took Control of the Donbas and Crimea Associated Academic Researcher, Research Centre for East-European Studies at the Bremen University
Wheatcroft, Stephen Food and Demographic Problems in the Urals, Siberia, the Russian Far East and East Asia,1929-60 Professor, School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne
Alexandrov, Alexander Leo Tolstoy in the Media World of the Russian Empire (1900s-early 1910s) Researcher, Department of New Russian Literature, Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom) of the Russian Academy of Sciences
Grant, Bruce The Donkey Wars: Satire, Free Speech, and the Political Imagination in the Muslim Caucasus Professor, Department of Anthropology, Faculty of Arts and Science, New York University
Wojnowski, Zbigniew Building Capitalism in the Socialist Bloc: Music Industry in Soviet Eurasia, 1976-1991 Assistant Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Nazarbayev University
Du Quenoy, Paul The Russian Empire and the Arab Middle East Associate Professor, Department of History and Archaeology, American University of Beirut
Kirmse, Stefan
Law and Empire in Late Tsarist Russia: A New Legal Order in Crimea and Kazan Research Fellow, Department of East European History, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
Korkut, Umut Re-positioning Hungary in Eurasia: Narratives, Business Networks, and Foreign Policy of Hungarian Conservatism in the 21st Century Reader in Politics, Glasgow Caledonian University
Prior, Daniel The Kirghiz Epic of Manas: An Abridged Translation of a Central Asian Classic Associate Professor, Department of History, Miami University
Kim, Soo Hwan The Russian Concept of “Everyday Life (Byt)” in Light of Typology Associate Professor, Department of Russian Studies, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies
Kalandarov, Tokhir Problems of Cultural Interaction of Central Asian Migrants and the Russian Society Senior Researcher, Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology Russian Academy of Sciences
Shabley, Pavel Discourses Regarding Muslim Spiritual Administration in the Kazakh Steppe and Turkestan (The End of 19th – the First Quarter of 20th Century) Docent, Kostanay Branch of Chelyabinsk State University
Zaynabidin Abdirashidov The Idea of Freedom in Fitrat’s Reformist Thought: From “Freedom through Islam” to “Freedom through Atheism” Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Uzbek Philology, National University of Uzbekistan
Sergey Golunov
Communicating Border Crossing Issues: The Cases of the EU’s Borders with Russia and Ukraine Research Fellow, Centre for EU-Russian Studies, University of Tartu (– January 31, 2014)
Thomas Lahusen Theme Park Manchuria: Memories of the Global Age Professor, Department of History and Centre for Comparative Literature, University of Toronto
David Marples Responses to the “Holodomor” in Eastern Ukraine and Russia: Historical Memory and Identity Politics Distinguished University Professor, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta
Irina Papkov Topic at the SRC: The Civil War That Will Not End: The Politics of Russian National Consolidation in the 21st Century Fellow, Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs, Georgetown University
Diliara Usmanova Manuscript and Old Books Expedition at Kazan University (1963–2010): Collecting Knowledge, Forming Traditions Professor, Department of History, Kazan Federal University
Jane Burbank The Legal Life of the State: Russian Sovereignty in the Kazan Judicial District, 1890–1917 Professor, Department of History, New York University
Oleg Manaev Peculiarities of Post-Soviet Authoritarianism and Its Influence on the Region (the case of Belarus in comparison with Russia and Ukraine) Professor, Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences, Belarusian State University
Ilya Zaytsev The Russian State and the Muslims of European Russia and Siberia in the Sixteenth to Nineteenth Centuries: Imperial Indifference or Orthodox Tolerance? Leading Researcher, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Konstantin Bogdanov Understanding of Human Rights in Soviet and Post-Soviet Language Culture: Between the Key Concepts and Key Emotions Senior Researcher, Institute of Russian Literature [Pushkin House], Russian Academy of Sciences
Aftandil Erkinov Islam “versus” Islam: Process of Turkicization in the Turkestan General-Governorship Professor, Department of Classical Philology of the Orient, State Institute of Oriental Studies, Uzbekistan
Bakhtior Islamov The Central Asian States Twenty Years After: Achievements and Failures Professor, Economic Theories Department, Tashkent Branch of Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Uzbekistan
Arkady Blyumbaum Aleksandr Blok: Literature and Politics (1905-1921) Russian Art History Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Pang Dongmei Countering the Crimes Committed by Nationals of the PRC on the Territory of the Russian Far East Russian Research Institute, Heilongjiang University, China
John Round Coping with the Uncertain Everyday: Everyday Life in Contemporary Russia School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Birmingham, UK
Sergey Ryazantsev Ethnic Migrations and Formation of Diasporas in Frontier Regions in a Context of National Security of Russia Institute of Socio-Political Researches, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Theodore Weeks Vilna, Wilno, Vilnius: History of a Multicultural City, 1795-2000 History Department, Southern Illinois University, US
Vadim Vladimirovich Zhdanov The Discourse 'Religion' in Putin Russia: Social Constructions of 'Religious' in Russian Contemporary Film and Television Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen & Nuremberg Chair for the Study of Religions and Mission Studies
Elena Astafieva
The Russian Presence in Palestine-Syria: Political, Religious and Cultural Aspects (1840–1920)
École Pratique des Hautes Études [EPHE], France
Tomasz Kamusella
The Triple Division of the Slavic Languages: A Linguistic Finding, a Product of Politics, or an Accident
Institute of East Slavonic Philology, University of Opole, Poland
Taras Kuzio
Contemporary History of Ukraine
Chair of Ukrainian Studies, University of Toronto, Canada
Georgij Levinton
Mandelstam and Dostoevsky (Slavophilism, pochvennichestvo, anti-Semitism)
Slavic Department of Anthropology, European University at St. Petersburg, Russia
Nona Shakhnazaryan
Old Habits Die Hard: A Comparative Study of Clientelism, Nepotism and Corruption in Three Post-Socialist Societies
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Social Sciences, Kuban Social and Economic Institute, Russia
Vladimir Shishkin
Russian Statehood in Siberia and the Far East during the Great Wars and Revolutions
The Department of Social and Political Development, Institute of History, Siberian Division, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Aalto, Pami
Russia’s Energy Policy: National, Interregional and Global Dimension
Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence, University of Tampere, Finland
Feng, Yujun
A Case Study of the BRICs: Feasibility, Methods and Implications of Building Cooperation Mechanisms among the Newly Emerging Powers
Institute of Russian Studies, China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations, China
Morrison, Alexander Stephen
The Conquest of Central Asia in the Russian Official Mind
School of History, University of Liverpool, UK
Popovic, Ljudmila Valentin
Ukrainian Studies in Japan: The Image of Ukraine in Contemporary Japanese Culture
Slavic Department of the Philological Faculty, University of Belgrade, Serbia
Vysokov, Mikhail Stanislavovich
Russian Historiography of the History of the Russian Far East in the Years of ‘Perestroika’ and in the Post-Soviet Period
Russian History Department, Sakhalin State University, Russia
Malikova, Maria
Anthropological Approach to Transitional Historical Period (NEP Mass Literature as a Test Case)
Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom), Russian Academy of Sciences
Ransel, David
Civic Identities in Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
Russian and East European Institute, Indiana University, USA
Abashin, Sergey Nikolayevich
 Oshoba: The Uzbek Community under Russian Rule.
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russia

Danylenko, Andriy
 The Bible in Russian- and Austrian-ruled Ukraine: Languages and Language Policies.
Modern Languages and Cultures Department, Pace University, USA
Finke, Michael Carl
 Three Chekhovs.
Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA
Gentes, Andrew Armand
 The Sakhalin Penal Colony.
School of History, Philosophy, Religion and Classics, University of Queensland, Australia

Kołodziejczyk, Dariusz Włodzimierz
 The Northern Black Sea as a Region of Contacts and Encounters.
Institute of History, University of Warsaw, Poland
Kundakbayeva, Zhanat Bekovna
The Past in the Present: Memory and Representation of Empires in
Contemporary Russian and Kazakh Academic Discourses
Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi, Kazakhstan
German Nikolaevich Kim
Koreans in Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan from a Comparative Perspective
Kazakh National University  named after al-Farabi, Kazakhstan
Liudmila Ivanovna Missonova
Comprehensive Research on the Uilta with Special Reference to 'Tungusic' Ethno-History.
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS, Russia
Andreas Renner
Russian Physicians in War
University of Cologne, Germany
Mikhail Vitalievich Shkarovskiy
Religious Policy in Germany, Italy, Japan, and the Orthodox Churches of Europe and Asia during World War II
Central State Archive of St. Petersburg, Russia
Sergey Yurievich Vradiy
The Influence of 19th Century Chinese Scholars upon Social Thought of Japan on the Eve of the Meiji Restoration and Evolution of China-Japan-Russia Relations
Institute of History, Archeology and Ethnography of Peoples of the Far East, RAS, Russia
Gulmira Sultangaliyeva
National Policy of the Russian Empire in the 18th – the Beginning of the 20th Century
Aktobe State Pedagogical Institute, Kazakhstan
Anatoly Remnev
Imperial Policy in Asiatic Russia: Ideas and Administrative Practices in the 19th-20th Century
Omsk State University, Russia
Dmitry Pavlov
The Russo-Japanese Ideological and Propagandist Confrontation in the International Arena in the Years of the War, 1904-1905
Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, Electronics and Automation, Russia
Póti,László Russian-Central European Relations in the Beginning of the 21st Century
Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, National Defense University, Hungary
Su, Fenglin The Sino-Russian Relationship in the Far East during the 17th to 19th Century
Institute of Russian Studies, Heilongjiang Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, China
Kozlov, Sergei
"Our (own)" and "Foreign" in Russian Historical Consciousness: Russian Traveloers’ Perception of the West and the East Modern Times
Department of History, St. Petersburg State University, Russia
Mikhail D. Dolbilov
A Periphery of the Great Reforms or Reforming the Periphery? The Russian Empire's Northwestern Region and the Bureaucracy as a 'Nation-Builder,' 1855–1881
Department of History, Voronezh State University, Russia
Elza-Bair M. Guchinova Deportation of Kalmyks in USSR (1943–1956) in Gender Perspective
Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences
Matthew E. Lenoe Soviet Culture, Political Control, and the Axial Age of Propaganda, 1917–1941
Assumption College/Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University
Igor Vladimirovich Lukoianov Russia in the Far East in 1890-th - 1904: the choice of policy St.-Petersburg Institute of History RAS
Victor Aleksandrovich Shnirelman The "Eternal Return"? Intellectuals and politics in the North Caucasus in the 20th century Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology, RAS
Paul William Werth Arbiters of the Sacred: 'Foreign Confessions' and Religious Toleration in the Russian Empire, 1772-1914 Department of History, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Alexandre Bobrov  Inst. of Russian Literature, Russia
Nigel Swain  Rural developments in Central Europe post 1945 School of History, Univ. of Liverpool, UK
Andrei Znamenski History and ethnology of Siberia John W. Kluge Center, Library of Congress, USA
Sarah Paine Russian diplomatic history Strategy and Policy Dept., US Naval War College, USA
Vladimir Buldakov Russian revolution; 19-20th c. Russian history Inst. of Russian History, Moscow, Russia
Panayot Karagyozov Comparative Slavic literatures Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Czech Rep.
Nikolai Nikolaevich Bolkhovitinov
Russian and American History (18-19 Centuries) Institute of General History, The Russian Academy of Sciences.(RAS)
Petr Pavlinek Environmental and economic geography of Central and Eastern Europe Department of Geography and Geology University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA
Guangcheng Xing Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy of the Former Soviet Union / CIS 20th Century Russian History Institute of East European, Russian & Central Asian Studies, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing 100007,China
Boris A. Lanin 19th and 20th c. Russian literature Institute for Information in Education, Russia
Renéo Lukic Balkans in the 20th century; Comparative communist systems Dept. of History, Laval University, Canada
Arbakhan K. Magomedov Modern regional political government in Russia The Ul’ianovsk State Technical University, Russia
Liu, Kuili Russian folklore Institute of Ethnic Minorities Literature, P. R.China
Ekaterina L.Nikova 20th century history of the Balkan Institute for Balkan Studies, Bulgaria
Cynthia H.Whittaker 18th and 19th century Russian political and cultural history Baruch College, City University of New York, USA
Igor M. Klyamkin Development of Post-Communist Society Independent Institute of Sociological Analysis, Russia
Alexei V. Postnikov History of Russia's Geopolitics and Boundary Formation Institute of Natural Sciences and Technology, Russia
Vladimir I. Shishkin History of the Soviet Russia Institute of Russian History, Siberian branch, Russia
Mordechai Altshuler History of 20th century Russia/USSR Institute of Contemporary Jewry, Hebrew University, Israel
Boris N. Mironov 17th-20th centuries Russian history Institute of Russian History, St. Petersburg branch, Russia
Volodymr A.Potulnytskyj History of historical and political thought Institute of Ukrainian Archeography, Ukraine
Evgenii V. Anisimov 18th-19th centuries Russian history Institute of Russian History, St.-Petersburg branch, Russia
Stephen Kotkin 19th-20th centuries history of Slavic countries Dept. of History, Princeton University, USA
Nodari A. Simonia Russian Domestic Politics Institute of World Economy & International Relations, Russia
Nikolay P. Shmelyov
International economy Institute of Europe, Russian Academy of Sciences
Vladimir V. Popov Russian economy, Comparative Economic Systems Academy of National Economy, Russia
Vojtech Mastny International History of East Central Europe School of Advanced International Studies, Bologna Center, Johns Hopkins University, Italy
Jadwiga M. Staniszkis Political Science Institute of Political Studies, Poland
Tsuyoshi Hasegawa Russian history & international relations Dept. of History, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA
Vladimir A. Tunimanov
18th-20th Centuries Russian literature Institute of Russian Literature (Pushkinskii Dom), Russia
Pavel N. Zyrianov Russian history Institute of Russian History, Russia
John H. Löwenhardt Soviet & Russian Politics Institute of East European Law, Leiden University, The Netherlands
(He now works for the Institute of Central and East European Studies, University of Glasgow )
Sabrina P. Ramet Political science & history of 20th century Eastern Europe HMJ School of International Studies, University of Washington, USA
Valery I. Rybin Russian economy Economic Faculty, Moscow State University, Russia
Geoffrey J. Jukes
Soviet & Russian military history & strategy Dept.Of International Relations, RSPacS, Australian National University,Australia
John P. LeDonne 18th-20th centuries Russian history Russian Research Center, Harvard University, USA
Alexander S. Tsipko Political science Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies, USA
Elena A. Krasnostchekova 18th-20th centuries Russian literature Dept. of Germanic and Slavic Languages, University of Georgia, USA
Edward Mozejko Modern Slavic literature Dept. of Comparative Literature, University of Alberta, Canada
Xing Shugang Foreign policy of Russia & USSR Institute of East European, Russian & Central Asian Studies, P.R.China
George Yaney 19th-20th centuries Russian history Dept. of History, University of Maryland, USA (He is now a Professor Emeritus)
Aleksandar Petrov 19th-20th centuries Yugoslav & Russian literature Institute for Literature & Belgrade, Yugoslavia
Evgenii B. Kovrigin Economic relations of Japan with the USSR & other pacific countries Faculty of Law, Seinan Gakuin University, Japan
Jerzy Tomaszewski Economic history of Poland M. Anielewicz Center for Research and Teaching of the History and Culture of Jews in Poland, Warsaw University, Poland
Detlef Brandes 19th-20th centuries East European & Russian history Osteuropa Institut der Freien Universit�EGermany
Andrew R. Durkin 19th-20th centuries Russian literature Dept. of Slavic Languages & Literature, Indiana University, USA
Victor L. Mote Economic geography of the USSR Dept. of Political Science, University of Houston, USA
James P. Scanlan Russian & Soviet philosophy & ideology Dept. of Philosophy, Ohio State University, USA ,
Leonid I. Evenko Comparative economics International Business School, Academy of National Economy, Russia ,
Aleksei U. Sheviakov Mathematical economics Central Economics & Mathematical Institute, Russia
R. Alan Kimball 19th century Russian history Dept. of History, University of Oregon, USA
Lu Nanquan Soviet & East European economy Institute of East European, Russian & Central Asian Studies, P.R. China
Gordon B. Smith Soviet politics Dept. of Government & International Studies, University of South Carolina, USA
Jean-Claude Lanne 20th century Russian literature Lyon University,France
Samuel H. Baron Russian history University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA
Leslie D. Dienes Soviet geography Dept of Geography, University of Kansas, USA
Caslav Ocic Yugoslav economic system: Development economics Institute of Economic Sciences, Beograd, Yugoslavia (1969-)
Pristina University (1995-)
Aladar Sipos
Economic cooperation in Comecon countries Institute of Economics, Economics, Hungary
Jasse Zeldin
19th century Russian literature
Norman I. Davies Polish history School of Slavonic & East European Studies, University of London, UK
Aleksandr M. Nekrich
History of the USSR, Great Britain: International relations
Janusz Beksiak Economics Institut Ekonomii Politycznej Sgpis, Poland (Now he works for Warsaw School of Economics and Jagiellonian University in Cracow, Poland)
James R. Gibson Contemporary & historical geography of Russia Faculty of Arts, York University, Canada
Vladislaw G. Krasnow Russian literature, history, anthropology, politics Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA
Andrzej Garlicki
Vladimir V. Kusin History of Eastern Europe Glasgow University, UK
Albert Boiter Soviet politics, law Research Center for Religion & Human Rights in Closed Society, USA
Paul L. Horecky Philosophy, library science Institute for Sino-Soviet Studies, George Washington University, USA
Basil Dmytryshyn Russia & Soviet history Dept.of History, Portland State University, USA (Professor Emeritus of Oregon State University)
Stuart E. Kirby
Economic history of Russia, China & Japan