Slavic Eurasian Studies

Slavic -Eurasian Research Center aims to publish research achievements reports of various research projects and international symposiums organized by researchers of the center. These reports will become a part of our publication series "Slavic Eurasian Studies (SES)." Originally, SES was started as a publication for the 21st Century COE program " Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies: Meso-Areas and Globalization" conducted by our center during 2003-2007 years.

No.35 Sugihara Chiune and the Soviet Union:New Documents, New Perspectives 2022
No.34 Славянская микрофилология 2018
No.33 Comparing Modern Empires: Imperial Rule and Decolonization in the Changing World Order 2018
No.32 SRC at 60 New Historical Materials and Perspectives 2017
No.31 SERBICA IAPONICA: Допринос јапанских слависта српској филологији 2017
No.30 Perspectives on Contemporary East European Literature:Beyond National and Regional Frames 2016
No.29 Transboundary Symbiosis over the Danube :Ⅱ Road to a Multidimensional Ethnic Symbiosis in the Mid-Danube Region 2015
No.28 The Serbian Language as Viewed by the East and the West: Synchrony, Diachrony, and Typology 2015
No.27 Transboundary Symbiosis over the Danube:EU integration between Slovakia and Hungary from a local border perspective 2014
No.26 Slavic and German in Contact: Studies from Areal and Contrastive Linguistics 2014
No.25 Slavia Islamica: Language, Religion and Identity 2012
No.24 The Grammar of Possessivity in South Slavic Languages: Synchronic and Diachronic Perspectives 2011.9
No.23 Grammaticalization in Slavic Languages: From Areal and Typological Perspectives 2010.12
No.22 Comparative Imperiology 2010.3
No.21 Post-Communist Transformations: The Countries of Central and Eastern Europe and Russia in Comparative Perspective 2009.5
No.20 Регионы Украины: Хроника и руководители 3 Крым и Николаевская область 2009.3
No.19 Energy and Environment in Slavic Eurasia:Toward the Establishment of the Network of Environmental Studies in the Pan-Okhotsk Region 2008.7
No.18 Приднестровье в макрорегиональном контексте черноморского побережья 2008.3
No.17 Beyond the Empire: Images of Russia in the Eurasian Cultural Context 2008.3
No.16-2 Eager Eyes Fixed on Eurasia Vol.2  Russia and Its Eastern Edge 2007.6
No.16-1 Eager Eyes Fixed on Eurasia Vol.1 Russia and Its Neighbors in Crisis 2007.6
No.15 Regions in Central and Eastern Europe: Past and Present 2007.3
No.14 Empire, Islam, and Politics in Central Eurasia 2007.3
No.13 Imperiology: From Empirical Knowledge to Discussing the Russian Empire 2007.3
No.12 Ислам от Каспия до Урала: макрорегиональный подход 2006.12
No.11 Dependent on Oil and Gas: Russia's Integration into the World Economy 2006.8
No.10 Reconstruction and Interaction of Slavic Eurasia and Its Neighboring Worlds 2006.8
No.9 Beyond Sovereignty: From Status Law to Transnational Citizenship? 2006.3
No.8 Социадьная трансформация и межэтнические отношения на Правобережной Украине 19 - начало 20 вв. 2005.9
No.7 Emerging Meso-Areas in the Former Socialist Countries: Histories Revived or Improvised? 2005.9
No.6-2 Siberia and the Russian Far East in the 21st Century: Partners in the "Community of Asia"
Vol.2 Chekhov and Sakhalin
No.6-1 Siberia and the Russian Far East in the 21st Century: Partners in the "Community of Asia"
Vol.1 Crossroads in Northeast Asia
No.5 Абхазия после двух империй XIX-XXI вв. 2004.12
No.4 The Hungarian Status Law: Nation Building and/or Minority Protection 2004.10
No.3 A 4,000 Kilometer Journey Along the Sino-Russian Border 2004.9
No.2 Slavic Eurasia's Integration into the World Economy and Community 2004.3
No.1 ФЕНОМЕН ВЛАДИМИРА ПУТИНА И РОССИЙСКИЕ РЕГИОНЫ: победа неожиданная или закономерная? 2004.3