Programme of International Symposium

- The Emerging New Regional Order in Central and Eastern Europe -

In Japanese
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July 24,1996 (Wednesday)

Opening lecture: 15:30-16:30

Ivan T. BEREND (Hungary) / Center for European and Russian Studies, UCLA
Direction of Long-term Transformation in the Economic Structure of Eastern Europe.

1st Session: 16:40-17:40

Taku SHINOHARA (Japan) / Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Historical Interpretations of Central European Ideas : Visionary or Realistic.

July 25, 1996 (Thursday)

2nd Session: 9:45-11:45

Laszlo CZABA (Hungary) / Kopint-Datorg Economic Research, Marketing and Computing Company, Ltd.
The Eastward Enlargement of the EU: Dynamics and Problems.

Akira UEGAKI (Japan) / Seinan Gakuin University
Is Russia Getting into the International Financial Market ? : an Analysis of the Balance of Payments Statistics.

3rd Session: 13:15-15:15

Andzej RUDKA (Poland) / Institute for East West Studies, Warsaw Center
Central Europe: Regional Cooperation and Beyond.

Yoshikazu HIROSE (Japan) / Yamanashi Gakuin University
Austria and the Central European Initiative.

4th Session : 15:45-17:45

Pertti JOENNIEMI (Finland) / Center for Peace and Conflict Research
The Karelian Question: Ways of Settling Border Disputes in Present-day Europe.

Susumu NAGAYO (Japan) / Waseda University
Slovakia and Hungary : The Most Complicated Bilateral Relations in Central Europe.
Reception party : 18:00-20:30

July 26, 1996 (Friday)

5th Session: 9:45-11:45

Ivo SAMSON (Slovakia) / Slovak Institute for International Studies
The Enlargement of NATO Eastwards and the Slovak Position in Central Europe.

Jiri SEDIVY (Czech Rep.) / Institute of Politology, Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University Prague
Czech-NATO Relations : A Dynamic Process.

6th Session: 9:45-11:45

Witold Morawski (Poland) / Warsaw University
Society as the Economic Actor in Three Paradigmes of Systemic Change in Poland.

Tsuneaki Sato (Japan) /Professor Emeritus of Economics, Yokohama City University
Possibilities for and Limitation to a "Mixed Economy" in Post-Socialist Transformation: Reflections After Thirteen Years.

7th Session: 13:15-15:15

Vitalii Zhurkin (Russia) / Institute of Europe: Russian Academy of Science
Russia and the Enlargement of NATO.

Yoko Iwama (Japan) / Kyoto University
Western Europe and the Future of NATO.

8th Session: Round-Table Discussion: 15:30-17:00

July 27, 1996 (Saturday)

Panel Discussion (in Japanese) 9:45-11:45

Development in Russian Political Situation Post Presidential Election .
Chair: Shugo Minagawa
Panelists: Nobuaki Shiokawa, Nobuo Shimotomai, Shigeki Hakamada, Fumio Uda, Toshihiko Ueno
Discussant: Hiroshi Kimura

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