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English News  No.16 , January 2009
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From the Director
Adoption of a New Project: Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Selected the SRC
as an Operator Organization of the International Training Program

SRC Winter Symposium in 2007 (Dec.)
SRC Summer Symposium in 2008
International Workshop "Regionalism in
Poland: Approaches from Humanities Fields"

Foreign Visitors Fellowship Program
Mr. Nomachi Motoki as a New Faculty
Member of the SRC

Our Current Staff
Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects
Visitors from Abroad
Guest Lectures from Abroad
Publications (2007-08)
The Library
Website Access Statistics
Essays by Foreign Fellows
Mikhail Shkarovskiy
Sergey Vradiy
Gulmira Sultangaliyeva

The Library

Renovation of the Building in Progress

The SRC building is now under renovation for seismic reinforcement from August 2008, and the library is now located at temporary housing near the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Economics. The renovation work is expected to finish at the end of February 2009, and the library will return to its home in March or April 2009.

The first floor, which the library occupies, will be rearranged completely. Most of the walls, which partitioned rooms and the passageway, will be removed and we will use the whole floor more efficiently.

Subscription to Periodicals Will Be Slashed

The SRC Library subscribes to some 400 periodicals. They are academic journals from Russia, Central Eurasia, Eastern Europe, or other areas of the world, newspapers, official gazettes, etc. We want to maintain the range of subscription, but rising costs and our financial situation in recent years are forcing us to cut subscription to nearly 100 titles from 2009. Please forgive us for the inconvenience.

TONAI Yuzuru

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