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English News  No.16 , January 2009
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International Workshop "Regionalism in Poland: Approaches from Humanities Fields"

This workshop aims to shed light on the peripheral aspects of Poland reflected in the humanities fields such as art, literature, and language from a comparative and interdisciplinary viewpoint.

In this workshop, special attention will be paid to such regions as Kresy, Silesia, and Kashubia, which have not been studied enough in cultural studies in Japan.

The workshop will be held on January 10, 2009 at the University of Tokyo. Detailed information on the workshop will be given on the SRC's website.

The workshop consists of three sessions as follows.

First session: Literature

  1. KATOo Ariko (JSPS research fellow): The Response of the Literary Circle of Lvov to the Multi-cultural Situation of Eastern Galicia in the Interwar Period: the Polish Magazine Sygnały in the 1930s
  2. INOUE Satoko (JSPS research fellow): Contemporary Polish Literature in the Polish- German Borderlands

  3. OGURA Hikaru (Waseda University): "Images of Periphery" in Young Poland Literature

Second session: Art

  1. KUYAMA Koichi (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies): On the Film "My Nikifor" (2004)

  2. OGAWA Mamiko (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies): Images of Ukraine in 19th-century Polish Art and Literature

  3. KASUYA Akiko (Kyoto City University of Arts): Avant-garde in Katowice

Third session with special guests from Poland: Language

  1. NOMACHI Motoki (Hokkaido University): Alexander Labuda and His Linguistic Works

  2. Alfred Majewicz (Adam Mickiewicz University): The Situation and Perspectives of Languages of Ethnical Minorities in Poland 20 Years Since the Political Transformation

  3. Miroława Chomiak (Lemko Association): On Language and Cultural Education in the Lemko Language

Besides these speakers and guests, Professor Numano Mitsuyoshi (University of Tokyo) is also invited as a guest speaker. Another invited speaker, Professor Jerzy Treder (University of Gdańsk), who cannot come to Japan, will send his paper for this workshop.

Thanks to Mr. Wojciech Kiedrowski, there will be a small exhibition of Kashubian books published by his publisher, Oficyna CZEC.

The workshop will be held under the auspices of the Japan Consortium for Area Studies (JCAS), cosponsored by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Japan, the Slavic Research Center (Hokkaido University), and the Department of Contemporary Literary Studies (University of Tokyo).

Nomachi Motoki

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