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No.17, January 2010
First Year in Retrospective and the Beginning of a "New" Slavic Research Center
Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia" I s Ongoing The First East Asian Conference for Slavic Eurasian Studies (February 5–6, 2009): How It Was Organized
The Slavic Research Center Held the International Symposium, "The South Ossetian Conflict and Trans-border Politics in the Black Sea Rim" on March 5–6, 2009
The SRC SRC International Symposium
"The Elusive Balance: Regional Powers and the Search for Sustainable Development" Was Held on July 9–10, 2009

Joint Forum Series in Washington D.C.
International Symposium on "Environmental Conservation of the Sea of Okhotsk: Cooperation between Japan, China, and Russia"
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Ongoing Cooperative Research Projects

(Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)

  • Headed by HAYASHI Tadayuki: “A Comparative Study of Political Changes in Latin America and Central and Eastern Europe: Comparative Dynamic Analysis of the Processes of Democratic Consolidation” (2009–12)

  • Headed by IWASHITA Akihiro: “An Emerging New Eurasian Order: Russia, China and Their Interactions toward Neighbors” (2006–09)

  • Headed by MATSUZATO Kimitaka: “Resurgence of Religions in Russia: Public Roles, Life Histories, and Spatial Dynamism” (2009–11)

  • Headed by MATSUZATO Kimitaka: “Transnational Politics in the Black Sea Rim: Unknotting Religions, States, and Minorities” (2009–11)

  • Headed by MOCHIZUKI Tetsuo: “A Comprehensive Study of the Volga as a Cultural Area and Her Images” (2009–11)

  • Headed by NAGANAWA Norihiro: “Muslim Administration and Foreign Policy in the Southern Frontier of the Russian Empire, 1856–1914” (2007–09)

  • Headed by NOMACHI Motoki: “The Functional Approach to the Typology of Slavic Languages: Research in the Semantic Category of Possessivity” (2008–09)

  • Headed by UYAMA Tomohiko: “Comparative History of Empires in the Contexts of Modernization and Globalization” (2009–12)

  • Headed by WOLFF David: “Northeast Asia in the Cold War: New Materials and Perspectives” (2009–12)

  • Headed by AOSHIMA Yoko: “Uniting Peoples in the Peripheries of the Russian Empire: A Comparative Study on Educational Policies toward the Educational Districts” (2009–12)

  • Headed by GOTO Masanori: “Anthropological Study of the History of Divination and of Its Practice in Chuvash, Russia” (2009–11)

  • Headed by HOSHINO Masashi: “Regional Income Polarization in China: A Comparative Analysis of East Asia and BRICs” (2009–10)

  • Headed by KOSHINO Go: “Comparative Study on Historical Novels in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus” (2009–2011)

  • Headed by MAYUZUMI Akitsu: “A Study on the Transformation Process of International Relations concerning the Danubian Principalities in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries” (2009–10)