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No.17, January 2010
First Year in Retrospective and the Beginning of a "New" Slavic Research Center
Grant-in-aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas "Comparative Research on Major Regional Powers in Eurasia" I s Ongoing The First East Asian Conference for Slavic Eurasian Studies (February 5–6, 2009): How It Was Organized
The Slavic Research Center Held the International Symposium, "The South Ossetian Conflict and Trans-border Politics in the Black Sea Rim" on March 5–6, 2009
The SRC SRC International Symposium
"The Elusive Balance: Regional Powers and the Search for Sustainable Development" Was Held on July 9–10, 2009

Joint Forum Series in Washington D.C.
International Symposium on "Environmental Conservation of the Sea of Okhotsk: Cooperation between Japan, China, and Russia"
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The Library

The renovation work of the SRC building

The renovation work of the SRC building was completed in February, and whole sections of the SRC, including the Library, moved there from April to May. Now, all library materials are concentrated on the first floor. Back issues of newspapers are the exception. They are located in a warehouse outside the campus, and readers who want to use them are to request the necessary parts one week before. But for other materials, we think that their accessibility has somewhat improved.

Donation to the Library of the Late Professor Kudo Yukio

This year, the Library received a large donation from the late Professor Kudo Yukio (1925–2008). He was the most active translator and introducer of Polish literature after WW II in Japan, and his collection is mostly composed of books, periodicals, and pamphlets on Polish literature, culture, and political movements. They are now awaiting selection at the corner of the library, and we hope to merge them with our library in the near future, which will greatly enhance our Polish collection.

Here, we wish to express our gratitude to his bereaved family and all those who helped with the donation for their understanding and cooperation.

Russian Atlases on our Website

This May, the Library opened a new website, It makes accessible our two Russian atlases, both published at the beginning of the last century. Users of the site can also seek fond names at the Russian State Historical Archive of the Far East in Vladivostok and look at photographs of POW camps in the Russo-Japanese War in Japan.

TONAI Yuzuru

New Digital Collection: Turkestanskii sbornik

We have recently purchased a digital version of Turkestanskii sbornik [Turkestan Collection], whose original is located at the National Library of Uzbekistan named after Alisher Navoi. Turkestanskii sbornik is a fundamental collection of literature on the natural environment, history, ethnography, economy, administration, geopolitics, and other topics concerning Central Asia. It consists of five-hundred and ninety four volumes that contain more than ten thousand excerpts from books, magazines, and newspapers, published in the Russian Empire and Western countries. Its compilation began in 1868 under the direction of the first Turkestan governor-general Konstantin von Kaufman, and continued intermittently until 1916. The digital collection we purchased is a second set after that possessed by the Center for Integrated Area Studies at Kyoto University. While the Kyoto version consists of several hundred CD-ROMs, the new version at the SRC is contained in a single hard disk.

UYAMA Tomohiko