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English News  No.3 , December 1995
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SRC is Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary
Progress of the "Priority Research Project"
SRC Chosen as "Center of Excellence"
Current research staff of SRC
Foreign Visiting Fellows for 1995-1996
Foreign Visiting Fellows for 1996-1997
Research Grants offered by the Japanese Government
Exchange Programs with Overseas Institutions
Guest Lectures
Visitors from Abroad
Essays by Foreign Fellows
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Research Grants offered by the Japanese Government
  1. R.Yamamura: "Dynamic analysis of regional socio-economic changes in Russia" , a three-year Japanese-Russian joint project, supported by a grant for international scientific research.
  2. T.Hara: "The Russian Civil War and the archives of Chikanori Kuroki" , two year project with three other Japanese historians on the archives of Chikanori Kuroki, military advisor to Ataman Semenov.
  3. R.Yamamura: "Analysis of socio-economic influences in Russian agricultural land reform"
  4. S.Minagawa: "Database on political elites in Russia"
  5. S.Tabata: "Database on Soviet Russian economic statistics"
  6. J.Matsuda: "Reference database on Slavic studies in Japan"

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