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[Event] 4th Border Studies Tokyo Seminar

[Event] 4th Border Studies Tokyo Seminar

0001.jpgABS Japan Chapter officer, Fuminori Kawakubo (Chuo Gakuin University) will be hosting the 4th Border Studies Tokyo Seminar on July 2nd from 15pm to 18pm at Chuo University Surugadai Memorial Hall near Ochanomizu Station. Akihiro Iwashita will be delivering the keynote speech titled, "Border Studies Today" followed by ABS Japan chapter member Yukio Maeda (Soka University) who will present his work titled, "The Birth of International Society and Hollowing out Effect: Geopolitical Re-construction of Michel Foucault's Lectures".

This event will be hosted by UBRJ as well as co-hosted by ABS Japan Chapter and KUBS.
For inquiries, please contact Fuminori Kawakubo at: kawakubo[at] (Please change [at] to @).
Please note that all presentations will be delivered in Japanese.