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Film Showing at the Nottingham Ningbo China

21 May, 2014
Film Showing at the Nottingham Ningbo China

   Professor Iwashita of the Slavic Eurasian Research Centre at Hokkaido University attended a film festival hosted by the Nottingham University of Ningbo China from May 19-22, in Zhejiang Province, upon the initiative of Professor David Wolff, who is currently working at the university. This was the very first attempt to host such an event, which was held from 19pm-21pm at the assembly hall at the university. On the first day of the event, over 200 students attended the viewing of the film, "Down-Indie Rock in the PRC" produced by Andrew Field. On the 20th, there was a viewing of the documentary "Unknown Tales of the Southern Borders," produced by the GCOE programme, "Reshaping Japan's border studies." There was some uneasiness in showing a documentary on the exchange between Yaeyama Island and Taiwan in the East China Sea in light of the currently Sino-Japanese relations, however, such apprehension was deemed unnecessary as the discussion following the viewing was thought provoking and insightful, while many people praised the documentary as one of the most "personalized" documentary showed during the event. The film shown on the 3rd day was a documentary produced by Professor Thomas Lahusen, who will be staying at the Slavic-Eurasian Research Centre as a visiting scholar this summer. This event proved to be a success in contributing to the proliferation of knowledge about the border as it allowed people to experience the border through the eyes of the local people and entities that live with the reality of the border.

ノッティンガム映画祭201405-1.jpg ノッティンガム映画祭201405-2.jpg