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English News  No.3 , December 1995
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SRC is Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary
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SRC is Celebrating Its 40th Anniversary

The Slavic Research Institute, the nucleus of the present SRC, was founded as a part ofthe Faculty of Law of Hokkaido University in July 1955. In 1995 SRC celebrated its 40th anniversary with the following events and activities:

1. The publication of the regional study series, The Slavic World.

2. The publication of the booklet, Forty Years of Slavic Research Center, which contains memoirs on SRC by several authors, the complete list of SRC members, fellows and visiting professors, the chronological description of its activities, information about its publications, library, exchange programs.

3. The round-table discussion, "Looking back upon the 40 years of SRC," was held on July 15 at the International Hall of Hokkaido University. About 50 people related to SRC gathered together to discuss its past and future. The panelists were Professors Shigeto Toriyama (Hokkaido University), Tsuguo Togawa (Sophia University), Hiroshi Momose (Tsudajuku University), and Shigeru Kido (Kobe University).

During the forty years SRC has changed from a small research facility attached to the Faculty of Law into a nationwide coordinating center. The number of its staff has grown from 2 to 14, not including fellows and guest professors. During the short history of our institute, both the general environment of Slavic studies, and the level of Japanese scholarship in the area have changed considerably. The most important factors have always been the human ones , the passion and efforts of the people who have worked for the promotion of Slavic Studies in Japan at the Slavic Research Center, the country's only research-oriented institution in this field.

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