Eurasia Border Review Vol. 10, No. 1   2019 Fall

Table of Contents
  From the Editors 1
  Karafuto as a Border Island of the Empire of Japan: In Comparison with Okinawa Naoki Amano 3
  “Langscapes” and Language Borders: Linguistic Boundary-Making in Northern South Asia Maya Daurio and Mark Turin 21
 <Research Note>
The Impact of Intergroup Contact and Intergroup Conflict on Japanese Immigration Attitudes Hope Dewell Gentry and Regina Branton 43
 <Conference Report>
Border-Making and its Consequences: A Global Overview Machteld Venken, Astrid M. Fellner, Adriana Dorfman, Jussi Laine, Daniel Meier, Laurie Trautman, Dhananjay Tripathi and Wolfgang Zeller 59
 <Special Section on Russo-Chinese Relations and Northeast Asia>
Introduction to EBR Special Section on Russo-Chinese Relations and Northeast Asia David Wolff 71
How Has Chinese-Russian Partnership Been Constructed? A Historical View Akira Ishii 77
Contested Space in the Russian Far East: Land and Migration along the Russo-Chinese Borderlands Norio Horie 85
The Struggle for Power and Leadership in the Far Eastern Frontier in 1917–1922: Northeast China as a Recipient Region of the Russian White Movement Olga Zalesskaia 91
Abe’s Foreign Policy Fiasco on the Northern Territories Issue: Breaking with the Past and the National Movement Akihiro Iwashita 111
Paul B. Richardson, At the Edge of the Nation: The Southern Kurils and the Search for Russia’s National Identity, University of Hawai’i Press: Honolulu: 2018, 264 p., ISBN: 978-0-8248-7262-5 Christopher Len 135