Eurasia Border Review Vol.1, No1   2010 Spring

We, the Global COE program “Reshaping Japan’s Border Studies,”  are pleased to announce the founding of a new academic journal devoted to border studies here at Hokkaido University. This journal aims to integrate the scholarly expertise of Eurasia including Japan. There are some leading associations which publish scholarly journals such as the Journal of the Borderlands Studies of the Association for the Borderlands Studies (ABS), the Boundary & Security Bulletin of the International Boundaries Research Unit (IBRU) of Durham University, and Border Regions in Transition (BRIT). However, these associations are mostly based in Europe and North America. In contrast, however, there is no comprehensive and qualified journal on border studies in Asia and the former Soviet Union.

Table of Contents

From the Editors
Part I First Contact: Bringing Together the Worldwide Communities of Border Studies
[Current Trends in Border Analysis]
The State of Borders and Borderlands Studies 2009: A Historical View and a View from the Journal of Borderlands Studies
Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly
From Post-Modern Visions to Multi-Scale Study of Bordering: Recent Trends in European Study of  Borders and Border Areas
Ilkka Liikanen
[Borders in Practice]
The Scholar-Practitioner Interface in Boundary Studies
Martin Pratt
How to Deal With Border Issues: A Diplomat-Practitioner's Perspective
Masataka Okano
Part II Voices of the Borderlands
[Targeting the Heart of Eurasia]
Border Politics in South Asia: A Case Study of India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
Mushtaq A. Kaw
Special Status of Tribal Areas (FATA): An Artificial Imperial Construct Bleeding Asia
Sarfraz Khan
Areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan and the Present Turmoil
A. Ghafoor Liwal
[View from the Russian Far East]
Global and Regional Dimensions of China’s Policy toward the U.S.
Oleg A. Timofeev
Instructions for Authors