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Schubert in Nineteenth Century Russian Culture
Naoki AIZAWA 1

The Idea of Khlebnikov's Wordcreation and the Avant-gardism of Futurism
Satoshi KITAMI 35

The Wager of a Militant Surrealist: On Jan Svankmajer's The Death of Stalinism in Bohemia
Wakagi AKATSUKA 59

I.A. Goncharov and His Japanese Acquaintances in Petersburg
Kazuhiko SAWADA 79

Polish Factors in Right-Bank Ukraine from the Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century
Kimitaka MATSUZATO 101

The Reform of State Peasants in Right-Bank Ukraine in the First Half of the Nineteenth
    Century: Monetization of Feudal Obligations and Agrarian Capitalism
Takeshi MATSUMURA 139

Koreans in the Russian Far East: Soviet Nationalities Policy and Deportation
Natsuko OKA 163

The Formation of the Hungarian Ethnicity in the United States: The Movement to Erect
    the Statue of Kossuth Lajos in Cleveland
Akiyo YAMAMOTO 197

Local Agricultural Administration and Local Party Organs in the Soviet Union: 1962-1965
Kiyohiro MATSUDO 221

The CPSU Politburo and Its Commissions under Brezhnev: Decision Making in the Cases of
    Afghanistan and Poland
Sungho KIM 263

The Local Autonomy of Sakhalinskaia oblast' and Yuzhno-Kuri'skii raion
Itsuro NAKAMURA 287

Environmental Preservation and Irrigation Agriculture in the Lower Reaches of the Syrdar'ia(in Japanese)
Masanobu NOMURA 305
Peasant Labor Migration, Property, and Household Division: Recent Studies on the Peasant
   Family in Late Imperial Russia
(in Japanese)
Kyoko AOKI 319

«Review Essay»
Some Comments on Sutarinizumu no tochi kozo - 1930 nendai soren no seisaku kettei to
    kokumin togo [Stalinist Political Regime - Decision Making and National Integration
   in the USSR during the 1930s].
By Takeshi Tomita
(in Japanese)
Nobuaki SHIOKAWA 333


Copyright (c) 1998 by the Slavic Research Center( English / Japanese ) All rights reserved.