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English News  No.4 , December 1996
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Changes of the Staff
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Changes of the Staff

Takako AKIZUKI, the former SRC head librarian, retired in March 1996.
She has made a great contribution to the development of the SRC, since she began her career as a librarian of the SRC in 1961. Now the SRC Library has the largest and the most comprehensive collection on the Slavic field in Japan (as of 1995 it holds 77,000 books, 27,000 microfilms, and about 700 titles of periodicals) thanks to her efforts. Gathering the collections of George Alexander Lensen, Leon Bernstein,George Vernadsky, Boris Souvarine, F.T. Epstein and so on, she has published a series of guides to these collections and bibliographic lists.

On March 15, when a special farewell meeting was held, she greatly impressed the people who gathered at the SRC for the meeting by her farewell lecture.
Since retirement she sometimes appears at the SRC and gives helpful advice to the library staff.

A new member, Tomohiko UYAMA, has joined the research staff of the SRC as an associate professor in April 1996.
Born in 1967, he was graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1991. He also studied at Moscow State University from 1989 to 1990. After receiving his M.A. in the Graduate School of the University of Tokyo (Area Studies) in 1993, he worked at the Embassy of Japan in Kazakhstan from 1994 to 1995. He was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Kazakhstan from 1995 to 1996.

Though young , he is looked upon as one of the leading specialists in the field of Central Asian studies. He has published works on history and politics of Kazakhstan, Kazakh language and literature, interethnic and intercivilizational relations in Central Asia, and other topics. Currently he is researching the problems of the Kazakh intelligentsia in the period of the Russian Revolutions (1905-1920).

Our current research staff (permanent members) is as follows:
Teruyuki HARA
: Professor of Russian and Soviet History Tadayuki HAYASHI : Professor of International Relations, East European Politics, Political History of Czechoslovakia (Director of the Center) Osamu IEDA : Professor of Economic History of Eastern Europe, Modern History of Hungary Koichi INOUE: Professor of Ethnology, North-Eurasian Studies Kimitaka MATSUZATO : Associate Professor of Russian and Soviet History, Russian Politics Shugo MINAGAWA: Professor of Comparative politics, Russian Regional Politics Tetsuo MOCHIZUKI: Professor of Russian Literature Takashi MURAKAMI : Professor of Economics (Russian energy economics, the economy of the Russian Far East, Japanese-Russian Economic Relations) Shinichiro TABATA : Associate Professor of Russian Economics and Statistics Tomohiko UYAMA : Associate Professor of History and Politics of Central Asia Rihito YAMAMURA : Professor of Comparative Economics, Russian Industry and Agriculture

Library and Information Services:
Yuzuru TONAI: SRC head librarian Jun MATSUDA: bibliographical services Mika OSUGA: publications

Currently, the SRC has three young scholars as "COE Researchers." COE researchers for 1996-97 are as follows:
Junji YATABE: Czech and Slovak History and Politics Tomoko FUJITA : Russian Literature Kiyohiro MATSUDO: Soviet History

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