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English News  No.4 , December 1996
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Guest Lectures from Abroad:

Viktor I. Kharlamov (Russian State Library, Moscow): "Book, Censor and Reading in Pre-revolutionary Russia," January 24, 1996.
Krister Wahlback (Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs): "Current Relations between Russia and Northern Europe," February 16, 1996.
Eva Ehrlich (Institute of International Economics, Hungarian Academy of Sciences): "Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe," February 19, 1996.
A. Kara-Murza (Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences): "Russia in the Triangle 'Ethnocracy - Empire - Nation'," March 7, 1996.
O. Tuma (Institute for Contemporary History, Czech Academy of Sciences): "Problems of 20th Century Czech History," March 18, 1996.
E.V. Gudkova (Economic Research Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Far Eastern Branch): "Conversion of the Military-Industry Complex in the Russian Far East," March 25, 1996.
Arnold McMillin (Faculty of Slavic & East European Studies, London University): "Russian Language of the Third Wave of Emigrants," April 22, 1996.
Milan Horalek (Research Institute of Labor and Social Affairs, Prague): "Transborder Labor Migration in Central and Eastern Europe," May 9, 1996.
I.M. Gorembiovskii (Izvestiia, Moscow): "The Political Situation in Russia and the Presidential Election," May 21, 1996.
Vladimir Ivanov (Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences); Andrei Rodionov (The Russian Trade Representative in Japan): "The Climate of Investment in the Russian Far East," June 5, 1996.
Alaksandar Petrov (Institute for Literature & Arts Belgrade): "Nationalism in Former Yugoslavia and Eastern Europe," August 28, 1996.
George Schopflin (School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University of London): "Language and Ethnicity in Central and Eastern Europe: Some Theoretical Aspects," September 24, 1996.
Radovan Vukadinovic (Zagreb University, Croatia): "New Dimensions of Security in South Eastern Europe," September 24, 1996.
Geoffrey Jukes (Center for Middle Eastern and Central Asian Studies, Australia): "How Much was Stalin Surprised by the German Invasion?," September 24, 1996.
Gerhard Simon (Bundesinstitut fur Ostwissenschaftliche und Internationale Studien, Cologne, Germany): "Are the Russians a Nation? Remarks on the Crisis of Identity in Russia," September 24, 1996.
Richard Ruzicka (Charles University, Czech Republic): "Contemporary Changes in the Czech Republic from the Point of View of Sociology," October 23, 1996.

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